The Bumpy Road to a mining farm


Wanted to creat this Thread for people with the idea of going big , or at least Starting

This Is the current status of my small Mining farm . Max Capacity 70 kw of power for future rigs.
8 x 1070Ti (ZEC)
13 x 1070 (ZEC)
24 x 1060 6 g (ZEC / ETH /UBIQ)
5 x 1060 3g (UBIQ)
4 x RX580 4g (MONERO)
8 x RX Vega 64 (MONERO)

Bitcoin Private - Pub Mining Pool
Simple mining. Rig Groups + miner options
HI @everyone I would love some help on GPU mining

This is my Newest Rig 8 x RX Verga 64 (Monero “Monster”)

And its a true Monster 1950 Watts of Raw Power :zap::sunglasses:

6 x Vega 64 new rig. Please help me to set up

soooo mannnyyy hashes! :star_struck:


Wow! Do you have a special facility, it’s probably noisy.


-------------------------RX VEGA 56/64 SETUP-----------------------------------------------------

For anyone who is interested this is what im using as software , Just follow the instructions from this great tutorial RX Vega Setup .
And P.S. dont toggle the memory , just deactivate the cards and reactivate again in the device manager of windows , you will save a lot of time , and some times you have to install the drivers several time in a row until the system figures out its life.:grinning:


The Room is not at home , I have a special room
With 70 kw of power reserves .


Ventilation system


Didn’t you already post this stuff? How does this thread differ from the previous ones with your information in it?


Yes i did, just i wanted to provide in one post all the problems , and solutions i went threw over time . also to help others with some information. ( Not OK ?)


---------------------------------GTX 1070TI Settings --------------------------------------------
For the 8 x 1070 TI RIG im using the following

8 x Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G
AsRock H110 PRO BTC+
2 x Corsair HX1200

------------------------- Settings and Watts -------------------------------------------
Power Limit 65%
Core Clock +200
Memory Clock +700
Fan 60%

Total Power at the wall 1040 Watts

------------------------ Software ------------------------------------
This is the Mining Software im using , its a bit better than Claymor


I mean sure if that is the route you are taking I would suggest providing that commentary with your pictures to explain the problems you had and the solutions. Right now it just seems like a picture and rig stat post which is covered in multiple threads.


----------------------AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ Problem -----------------------------
One Problem that i encounterd was the shorting of the PCIE extenders due to the narrow spacing of the PCIE slots , as also mentioned in an other post so first i put tape on them , and then used a thread rode as a spacer, now everything sits tight and does not wobble around , or even get pulled out by accident.


--------------------Wonky Cabels -------------------------
I dont know why but for some resone in one order i have a bunch of USB3 kabels that dont work.
All the Black cabels dont work , but the blue ones are ok.


-------------------------------Wonky Riser Diagnostics -----------------------

For people that are just starting with mining , and have problems that not all cards are listed in the device manager and you are trying to figure out witch card is not working, this is what i do.

1- When the system boots (just before it opens the desktop) look if there is a fan running on one of the cards(except Aero/Turbo/blower) If the card is not registered then the system can not regulate the fan witch means all cards that are ok , the fans will turn off when windows starts up (Before MSI afterburner or any other OC Software ) and the card that is not registered will keep running.

  1. If you are using a card (Aero / Turbo /Blower Fan) wait until windows and then MSI afterburner started .
    Then open up MSI Afterburner and toggle the fan speed from Max to Min , the card that does not change its fan speed is the one that is not registered.

3- Swap the cards between each other and look if the problem goes with the card
if it goes with the card , then there i probably a problem with the grafik card.

If not then try point 4.

4- Once you found the problem card , Check all cables , Power, USB and so on --> change the USB Cable --> change the Riser on the grafik card -->change the PCIE adapter .


-----------------VEGA 64 UPDATE-------------------------------------
So after a week or so of mining Monero with the Vega 64 I have to say im quite happy with the result , But there are a few problems , The main one being that every time the system hangs and you have to restart the system , you will have to Manually adjust all the parameters in wattman .
But luckally i came acrose this Youtube post .
And here are the results
1 --More stable it has been running until now ( 4 days) and going with out any problems.
2 – Less power (on a 8 card rig i shaved of 250 watts)
3 – Higher and more stable hash rates (constant 2000 h/s per card XMR)


How often are you having to restart the system?


Hi ImaginaryPi
Before I did the update like explained above I had a crash every 2 days , now I’m at day 6 and no restart , I used the 1100 register and I adjusted the Temperatur to 55 C


Crashes every 2 days! That had to be a pain.


O ja , it was a real pain also since i switched all my rigs over to simple mining os (except the vega rig) every thing is running alot better.


Any reason you didnt go for ASIC’s?

Secondly, where do you get those racks? They look good for my needs.