The bottom is not close


to be precise… when we mean “more accurate” what we mean is that it showcases a much more broad picture of what’s happening in the ecosystem. the # of coins / tokens is proof of that.


The Bottom has been and gone folks :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Do we have a $9800 in the house :rocket:


It would be nice if there were some way to know what the real market cap is. Meaning how much money has actually been invested in crypto.

I think we both know but many probably don’t, that the caps on CMC are completely false.

As soon as people start selling, the value of a coin drops immediately thus it is 100% impossible to get the current reported market cap out of any particular coin.


Close thread :wave:t2::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::new_moon_with_face:


Seems to me total money invested into crypto cancels out, for every $1 you trade for crypto is someone else trading crypto for $1. So basically there is no money in crypto itself, there is only perceived value. So the ‘real’ market cap is just that, the value that it is perceived to be.

To make things a bit more complicated this is actually true for the $ itself as well, but since the network for the $ is a lot larger the value is a bit more stable (but it can still crash with some really bad FUD)


We might be seeing it here in the next day or so!!


Hoping for mid low 9. Will be lovely jubely


Can tell ur English with a word like lovely jubbly. U must be a only fools and horses fan. Del Boy



Alright Davvveee. My names rodney :rofl::+1:t4:


Rodney What a plonker😂
I hope ur BTC ends up the same value as the pocket watch they find in the garage :money_mouth_face::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Lets not blow the millions lol :+1:t4:


9990 ritght bout now.


What’s ur prediction on the price? I think it’s going down to lower 9k


Im puttin mine in at 9690. Jus to be safe. Cant get too greedy roders lolol


I will say its going to hit around that 9,600 and hangout between 9k-9,600
but I don’t have proof nor fancy graphs lol


problem is people take these graphs as facts. Tech analysis is not always certain. Especially in crypto. Tbh yday i was second guessing my self as it bounced of 10200 3 times. Good thing i got my fomo under control lol


This is very true and I am still new to crypto but yea gotta get the FOMO on lock lol


F. O. M. O. Is a M. O. F. O lol