The bottom is not close


Thread title is still true… the bottom is not close


Yeah it’s at least 2000$ away.


:see_no_evil: sorry but i cant bear to watxh


Feeling its gonna go down hard soon…


Yes, its been like almost only 2 days of green. I think we need to test support lines, we did just take a massive freefall


May be the last time we see 7k in 2018! To the moon :rocket:


Yeah I remember feeling pretty confident a few weeks back that we wouldn’t see $10k again :rofl:


At 10k there were still a lot of people in denial that bout in at ath then finally jumped ship. Personally believe we are heading in the right direction now. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


If not, it’s all good I’ll just buy more.


Sounds like you are certain, maybe you should go short.:grimacing::+1:


still waiting on the $5k ish price?


The longer it stays bouncing in the 8k range, the better, the chance for a breakout upwards.


Nope I believe we’ve been as low as we’ll go. We may return to 6k but I doubt we’re going to 5.


You should do the math on dollar cost averaging vs getting in/out at the absolute bottom/top. It might surprise you…


Theres only one way from here…
And thts Straight Up :rocket:


Not a bad day if you ask me.


If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.

- Cavett Robert

Always a good quote to revisit, regardless if you’re feeling up or down. :slight_smile:


Why is there such a large discrepancy in total market cap between coinpuffs and coin market cap? Im seeing $432B on CMC.


I think its because your getting the real deal on coinpuffs. Coinmarketcap play too many games. Example. When theh removed korea without notice. Making the market cap look bearish. Causing panick sells. And then a week or two later they added korea back on the market cap value. WITHOUT NOTICE. :-1:t4: Coinpuffs​:+1:t4:


Coinpuffs :+1:t4: Dont no why it didnt show on the last post. :sweat_smile: