The bottom is not close


We are gonna see 5k soon


If we do…probably in the middle of the night again! (for USA people)


You were trying to help people from getting slaughtered? Y didn’t you help yourself first you’ve been crying about holding icx bags and asking others what you should do…

If your so knowledgeable n know where the bottom is why did you buy before the bottom n since cried about it

Besides that in your infinite wisdom how did you obtain this bottom number with out drawing all "the silly triangles"

Seems to me you must have ignored your own advice and are not listening to yourself

If your so experienced and seen so many dips once again why have you been crying about your icx…

I’m not one to speak out against someone in the pub in fact i believe this is the first time i have so unless you can bring value to any conversation please please don’t bring your bullshit either

Read back over your posts and take your own advice. Thanx

Ps you got me troll


The amount of short term focused people in this market is really fucking annoying.

Of course I don’t have the stats to back this up, but based on what I see daily, I think 75-90% of the market as of current are individuals who don’t bother to understand the technology or the origins of bitcoin and how far and flawlessly it has come in the last 9 years and focus solely on flipping everything for “insane gains”. This is an example of an emotionally driven market which is a horrible scenario for anything financial.

I think combined with the inevitable correction, we’re seeing a snowball effect of all the newcomers that bought towards ATHs who don’t understand or believe in the technology or the future of crypto and are selling to hedge their losses; add this with all of the big players in the market who are also collecting their profits and you’re left with us HODLRs who don’t have the driving force to turn the economic tides. Once the market finds a stable point (which I believe is right around where we are based on the last retracement ratios), the large financial backing will start pouring in. Until that happens, no smart investor would go anywhere near this market right now.

The SEC hearing will be happening on Feb. 14th to discuss more finite regulations for crypto and that’s a good thing! Integration/implementation is inevitable following regulation.



Imagine if the entire market was like the pub. Strong hands everywhere and a super healthy market.


With such strong hands there wouldnt be any trading!! No one would sell :joy::joy:


2018 is just the start. Application is key and as btc becomes more mainstream in everyday use for large organisations with how they operate that’s when it will really take off.

Forget quick gains and weak hands, this ride will get better in 2 or 3 years time once mass adoption is in place. Then we will see huge gains and be in a strong position.




Agreed completely. However, I don’t think it’s going to take 2-3 years. I think it’s going to be within the next 6 months.


If we get mass adoption in 6 months, even better. Party on the moon :rocket::new_moon_with_face:


Beware the Wallstreet A.I. troll-bots attempting to add insult to injury, reinforcing the attempts to derail the future which precludes their manipulative monopolistic hegemony! Do your own research and invest in what you believe to be based on sound principles and solid fundamentals i.e. transparency, accountability and economic liberty! “Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation!” Peace and Prosperity for all !! (excluding the economic tapeworms)


I just popped a boner. :nerd_face:


Go SPACEX!:drum::drum::drum::drum::drum::drum:


So are we out of the woods yet? 8k and rising


Nope not yet. We need consistancy on the 4 hour and daily chart. Look for Higher Highs and Higher Lows in the swings. I wont feel confortable before we break 10k.

EDIT: Don´t get me wrong, it looks super nice. ALOT of volume. But we need that bullish mindset for a longer time period!


I agree. Things are looking really good on the daily charts though.


Thread title is still true… the bottom is not close


Yeah it’s at least 2000$ away.


:see_no_evil: sorry but i cant bear to watxh


Feeling its gonna go down hard soon…