The bottom is not close


The question is… Do you want BTC to be stable and dominant as a currency?

If yes, then you’re the part of the problem right now as you expect it to be stable before you can use it.

It’s decentralized. No one’s gonna magically make it stable for you. It won’t be stable unless you and people thinking like you adopt it.

If no, then good for you. :+1:


What are you doing here Reddit?


I have officially put in more than I wish to lose and broken my own cardinal rule when investing, but I only have myself to blame. Kids, don’t do this and please DCA!! :joy::roller_coaster:


Appreciate your honesty. Looks like you will be playing the hodl game. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thanks Mulder, how about you Scully?


It means we now know you are Satoshi Nakamoto… What’s your agenda?


I have no bad agenda was just trying to help people not get slaughtered. I came with good intentions and good advice I said this would happen. I had run the numbers over and over again and came to this same outcome it was inevitable. It does not bring me happiness to know people have lost a lot of money especially those that have way overstretched. I’m genuinely concerned about people contemplating suicide. All I have got is attacked and called a troll. I won’t be commenting much from now on and u can find ur own bottom as I was going to tell u all when it was as I want people to profit . U can draw all the silly triangles u like it don’t mean anything. Sometimes I guess u have to learn the hard way as it falls on deaf ears. A lot of experience here that U chose to ignore and treat like a idiot. Yes I’m old but I’m not a silly old fool as I have seen so many crashes in my lifetime. You missed out and I’m only sorry I couldn’t get through to u better, one persons lose is another persons gain shame it was ur loss. I genuinely feel very sad and angry with myself for not getting through to u all in time. Good day


LOL, how do you “run the numbers” hahaha, you beat the system sir, can i buy your method ?



Sounds like we need to invest in Augur…


or in a Pub token :smile:


Lets put some BTC into that shall we


I also ran the numbers and


What numbers did you run ? the roulette table ?


I like seeing data, as you guys well know.
Show us the data!


What would you name the state that the market is in now ? Are we just waiting for some positive news ? or gov’s around the world accepting crypto ? what needs to happen in order to get back up ?


Heres your Data…lol :drevil:


in case you are unaware of the reference… you called @peter a week ago :doge:


I believe that we as individuals can create our own reality. I also believe in collective consciousness(not that believing will change this, its proven on a quantum level). That being said, if everyone is negative regarding btc and its value, we will manifest that. Take out all the FUD already, lets start being positive and btc is guaranteed to recover… like soon!!!


Inbox me where you think bottom could be please. Good to get different views and opinions.