The bottom is not close


It’s hilarious how the emotions have changed in the past 2 weeks.

Everyone’s in it long term until the market goes through a bear cycle for 2 months.



Right? and everyone and their dog (excuse the pun) is a god damned trading/crypto genius.


Dow Jones down another 500 points… interest is going to shift quickly


Could be perfect timing to attract new money. BTC ends its slide as the stock market slips. :thinking:


I’m seeing a lot of “buy the dippers” getting very nervous. Most people still in crypto will be bringing a portion of their by-weekly paycheck to the market at best, as people do to save. New money that sold at a loss (huuuuuge number of people) are turned off of crypto and are sleeping in the dog house. Many large investors who go into crypto around 6k+ have cut their losses/will cut their losses very soon. Money that hasn’t invested in crypto at all (yet) because they found it too far out of their comfort zone or believed the FUD do not want to touch it at all now.

***Let’s not forget that apart from forced saving in the form of employer directed retirement savings, the average person does not save, are in debt, and interest rates are about to increase.

All these things make me think things will be getting worse before they get better…


Finger on the pulse in his anus! Haha


Except for my friend who’d never got into crypto just bought bitcoin so. SO theres at least one guy out there not scared.


The weak hands get out and I am not sad about that at all. If they sell, it will be the biggest regret of their life.

The amount of short term focused people in this market is really fucking annoying.


Im like you brother. Thinking super long term. 2 weeks and Im out.


The one case I didn’t call out as a negative, the informed sideliner getting into the market. I hope they have strong hands. Cheers

@peter I felt the “Baie” in your being in the last stream when you were talking about how surprised you were that the price BTC has gone where it has recently. That’s the short term price we pay for getting our friends & loved ones into crypto. Strong hands, strong heart big guy :slight_smile:


How many times has Bitcoin “died?” I’m starting to lose count.


What do u mean u found me? I’m confused as to what there is to find ?:thinking:


Guys… Last time I checked it was still 1 BTC = 1 BTC. If you think the future lies in BTC, then Bitcoin is your money and you’re not losing when it’s up or down compared to fiat.

And if you think the future lies in fiat, then what the hell are you even doing here in the pub? :joy:


in 1 month from now, all the puckering up will be viewed as wasted energy :star_struck:
Regroup and HODL :muscle:


0obuddy, you might have just stirred up another shytstorm in this thread hahaha


There’s no point where this logic makes sense in a world where BTC doesn’t magically appear in your bank account every two weeks, and everything you pay for is in BTC.

In the bubble logic that alienates anyone who doesn’t think the way you do. Not saying you’re wrong.


We’re getting into Osama Bin Laden numbers, that didn’t end well :vitalik: :ocean:


I’m just talking about our projections for future. I believe that cryptocurrencies are the way to go. So why not have it magically appear in my wallet and use it to pay for everything. Whether it’s BTC or another cryptocurrency.


Until BTC gets stable i rather have my euro’s.