The bottom is not close


I guess I’ll see you in 2-3 months then!
Good luck!


I can’t see who you’re replying to.


peter please add a “block user” button, like in a very easy access beside a user name, much drama could be avoided with that little addon for many of us :smile:


Yes. That would be nice.
@cryptonite - Yes. We’ve seen that before. Not sure why that’s still a problem. @john?


So much doom and gloom overall, and it’s not even Friday yet.


What I like most about this thread is it’s like :vitalik: is talking to :roger: … … and a :dog:



This thread should be renamed “ pour me a hot bath while I slit my wrists”


Even the title makes you wanna jump off a cliff LOL


I think this could be a great fud trap. :wave:t2:


@peter HAve you made the connection that in your video with satoshi nakamoto, you could’ve been trolled by sparky ? he is the only guy who puts the same dog everywhere lol just my theory :rofl:


Too bad threads cant add a ´´theme song´´ . This one could have the song of the Titanic when it went down :joy:


I was thinking more along the lines of this


Sounds like we need to do some super sleuthing to figure out who it is…

HOLY F*CUK. I just realized you’re RIGHT! it IS @Sparky_84!!!

We found you man. We FOUND YOU! :roger:


Main topic of the next Consiracy Sunday!!!


Would love this, make it happen Peter :joy:


Maybe, maybe not.

Good luck dude.

Edit: Why don’t you short Bitcoin? Lots of money to be made!


“Don’t invest more han you can stand to lose” makes more sense today than it did at the beginning of the year. When I first heard that I thought no shit Sherlock but kinda hits home in these situations.


If you know what I mean…


I bought all in around 6k. And I won’t regret doing so if BTC goes 3k tomorrow.

If I hadn’t bought my BTC back then, I wouldn’t have the courage to buy in after seeing such a drop now. And I would never have a chance to learn about the market, blockchain technology, coins, tokens, ICOs, trading and TA as I wouldn’t have a stake in it.

Instead, I feel like a crypto veteran with strong hands now. :slight_smile:

Plus, I can’t imagine going through all of these from the very beginning without the pub.


“It is a ponzi ur money is gone isn’t it?”

Um, nope. My money is safely in my hands. You have no idea when I invested, what I invested in, and how my portfolio looks. You’re just assuming we’re all as smart as you - investing in BTC at ATHs.

If you think BTC is the same as BCC, you’re sadly misinformed. Again, you’re just spreading FUD during a bear market. Big man.