The bottom is not close


If it’s a ponzi, then why are you still holding coins?

You need to chill out with all your negative posts. It does nobody any good, especially people that are sensitive to such tripe.


We all know you bought btc at the top, and now you are suddenly the expert. The fact is you don’t know anything about the market. Stop pretending that you do.


It’s ok ur in shock , disbelief and denial it’s all part of the process after something like this happened. It’s perfectly natural time will heal and enjoy ur hodl. It’s not the end just don’t sell and u will be ok. Just remember to not hold the bag next time. You are young you will learn. Remember greed is ur enemy


I didn’t buy btc at the top like you did. If you could really foresee anything you wouldn’t have bought. Now stop telling everyone how the market is going to behave. Also, I am not young. Just another thing you know nothing about.


There is no “next time” in a “ponzi”. It’s one and done. You are contradicting yourself so much on these forums, you’re giving me a headache.

Maybe you are in shock, disbelief and denial?


Is their a block button ? Cuz I’d smash it.

Guys socially inept. Regurgitation of others ideas as his own is his fortay


True story. Charlie Lee is by no means a fool; he got out early, under the guise of making it a fair playing field… Surely there might be some truth in his reasons, but I’m willing to double down it all in Vegas that profit taking was certainly on the mans bucket list.

In any case, the strategy hasn’t changed. Buy low, sell high, buy even lower and ride this ship to the farthest reaches of the universe :rocket:

A wise CGI action figure once said, “To infinity and BEYOND!”

Hodl till retirement money


I hope it’ll touch 2k, then I’m blasting.


Sounds to me like this is just a HANSpiracy theory. :man_shrugging:


In some way, you could make the analogy that the mega gain people are like when an ICO hits the market, dumps because the ICO investors take their X gains, then the coin goes on to do a 50-100x because it’s a good project.

Actually, them selling their wealth off is better for the average person and the state of crypto in general; it spreads the supply around and reduces manipulation.

I’ve heard this point made before when people always wonder like “If Bitcoin gets to 100k, how is it possible all these early investors will be super duper mega rich?” The answer is they will sell or spend before that happens, just like it’s unreasonable that there are people that have held all of their Bitcoin from .20 cents to 20k


Honestly, on a technical level i see so much awesome news comming out. All these projects like POWR, Funfair, ICX, they are doing GREAT things. There is no reason whatsoever that they should be linked to BTC taking a fucking beating. ( other then BTC being the gateway to getting into the cryptoverse) . These coins have gone down 80-90%, some back to their ICO price. Man, i dont know about you. But i just slammed in another 1000$. Yes, it may drop further, but these are oppertunities that wont last long in my opinion.


It is a ponzi ur money is gone isn’t it?
Sure it might come back but it needs fresh donors and then u will take there money. Bittttconnnnnectttt


How is ur hodl? Hope u have faith in overvalued bloated ico with nothing more than a white paper for billlions in value. Expensive piece of paper that


what math and data? care to share?


sounds like you are trying to convince yourself there…


Old sparky doesn’t use math or data…he has his finger on the pulse and goes with his gut. He lost his shirt in the dot com bubble and is now all knowing.


Privies charts my friend and with some math thrown In


nope… new buyers of Bitcoin don’t fund older owners of Bitcoin with new money. (i.e. a ponzi). the price is correlated to its scarcity and demand.


I guess I’ll see you in 2-3 months then!
Good luck!


I can’t see who you’re replying to.