The Boring Flamethrower


In case you need to liven up the party!


That does look boring. Skip Musks, it looks TOO safe.

go to the time - 1:20


Now that’s a flame thrower!

Here’s a flame thrower vs an extinguisher.


thats cool ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


If you were on the fence about picking up a flamethrower, you’re too late!


Lol, I actually did pre order one. My fiance was PISSED. Said I could have contributed the funds to the wedding.


That sounds a major contribution to the wedding if you ask me.


I am in the process of planning and paying for our wedding. I would highly recommend for you to save toy purchases like that until after the wedding. You dont want a bridezilla on your hands and stuff like this is going to come up again to bite you hehe.


lol, too late.
looks over shoulder
she’s already made me cancel my reservation for my tesla model 3
(I was a day 1 reservation holder too…
Im King Ghidra/Mecha Godzilla to her bride zilla though.
Godzilla roar. Looks over shoulder again
you didnt hear that from me though.