The Bitcoin Pub Hashing Power!



nope card fried a power supply cable. I am retiring it. nothing looks wrong but I had to swap a powersupply out lol.


I’ve got 4 rigs with 44 gpu’s.
1250 mh/s


2 rigs, 12 GPUs, 4930 Sols Zcash!!
Add some minor CPU mining worth 475 Sols for a grand total of:

5405 Sols

Antminer Z9 Mini (batch 2) on order…


very small operation, basically just added a second card. I now have 1 rx580 8gig(25.5ish mh) 1 rx460 4 gig (12.5ish mh) combined getting about 38mh on daggerhashmoto through nice hash. just learning so I’m not even sure if I’m getting as much as I could, any ideas


Here ya go buddy just make to to save the current bios before you flash just in case anything ever happens.


I’ve recently heard about flashing the bios, like I said I’m very new to all this, I’ll check this out, thanks… update, that worked great, added another 6.5 mh between the two cards, thanks for the info