The best stable coin?



What is your opinion as well as any good reads you have on the best and most reliable stable coins?

USDT is popular, DAI is new, TrueUSD is a another I have read a lot about.

What are your thoughts? Pros/Cons/Unanswered questions welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks Pub :fist_right:


Actually I made a post on the best stable coin below:



Got a new one here, incoming from Circle. Could be something to keep an eye on…


XRP! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Shite stays the same way regardless or new partnerships, “adoption” and listings! :laughing::laughing::rofl:


That’s not a bad thing sometimes :slight_smile:


Oh wow - I missed this today - thank you for sharing. We are looking at a number of them for CredoEx and none are perfect fits at this point. USDC looks promising. Thanks!


You should read about Nebula Network - it’s decentralized storage cloud with emission mechanism tied to the supply (!). Thanks of it it’s rock stable and independent from BTC


Will do - thanks. But specifically interested in stable coins on this.


Bitconnect. Its the most stable piece of shit you will find


Hey Hey Hey. You are sooo right :wink:


The problem I see with Nebula and the other ones trying to use the resources of the network is that most computers are scaling back on storage space and moving to a more cloud-based way of doing things which reduces the computing power of the mainstream machines and making them cheaper. What do they think about this?


Hey @jel111 @cryptowine . @Prime @MoneyMan @SirTokeno

Thanks for your input on this one. We ended up implementing support for TrueUSD after looking at many of the options available. I’d be happy to share why we chose to support it if you are ever interested.


  • USDT
  • GUSD
  • TUSD
  • USDC
  • PAX

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My tip for stablecoin in 2018 is USD.


The drawback is that the transfer of USD is slow and may be costly unless you keep your USD on exchange.