The Atlanta Blockchain Conference Notes



It was a lively discussion for sure! Lot’s of people - lots of strong opinions :muscle:


Oh god! The website has drugs on it. He’ll be sitting with Ross in about a year.

My vote though for Blockchain Freedom of Information Man of the Year. Wish I had his brass ones.


It’s a bold move. He’s a pioneer for sure!


He who? Ssdggghhhgggg


Brian Hoffman from Open Bazaar. He’s continuing the work of Silk Road and DarkMarket to build open, decentralized marketplaces. Interesting talk for sure!


Michael B. Casey - Speculative Bitcoin Adoption/Price Theory
This talk is based on Michael’s paper - I summarize elements below but it’s worth reading the whole thing here:

Wrote this paper just a little over a year ago.
If he had to do it over, he would use “crypto” in title instead of “bitcoin” as the principles apply to all of crypto

Adoption - bell curve / S-curve

Gartner Hype Cycle

Combination of these forces/outcomes

Anatomy of a Bubble

Fractal Patterns - “History does not repeat itself but it often rhymes” Mark Twain
Examines patterns of bubbles in Bitcoin - basically once per year

July - December 2017 is a perfect exponential curve

Previous Bubbles

At least 2-3 bubbles still on the way

The growth of adoption of Bitcoin and therefore bitcoin price is following an S-Curve of Technological Adoption, which is itself characterized by fractally repeating, exponentially increasing Gartner Hype Cycles.

We’re still at innovators stage / maybe beginning of early adopters phase
We will continue to see cycles but the amount of growth left is huge!

We are currently in a crash - maybe half way down.
There’s no way to tell exactly where you are in the crash until it’s in hindsight.
Downward trends consolidate and shake weak hands out of the market


Can we get a day retro?

What’s good?


Jeffrey is a legend!


Hung out with these OG’s yesterday. What a treat!

Left to right: Brian Hoffman (@brianchoffman), Jameson Lopp (@lopp), Michael Tidwell (@miketwenty1), and Paul Sztorc (@Truthcoin).


Michael B. Casey is a really nice, smart guy. I’m glad you were able to see him in action!


Brian Hoffman. Gigantic big brass ones!


Wow… this is a ton of valuable info. It’s like I attended the event. God bless you man…:clap:t5::clap:t5:


Awesome! Glad it was helpful! That’s what I was going for!


Good call - added my retro to the original post!


hey guys peeps from atlanta

:slight_smile: check out this Meet-up thread for atlanta!!!


That is my birthday. I am going to need more info on this


yeah man please check out the thread Meetup with Peter Oct 6th for details



My wife just started another job. This frees my time up so, I actually may be free to travel.
I have been absorbing as much about this space and bitcoin as I can over the last few months.


Cool let us know please confirm if you can come or not