The 4 golden rules in a bearish market? Add yours


1. If you’ve got more money, buy more. #onlyinvestwhatyoucanaffordtolose

2. Get out of your house, look around, appreciate life, family and friends.

3. Breath brother & sisters! Breath. #stressless

4. Get yo goddam fingers off that sell button! #neversellataloss #hodl


not selling in a bear market is how you lose money. being stubborn and emotional and believing that your investments will always rebound.

cut loses and increase positions during dips. blindless hodling will leave you poor


What’s your cut loss rate?


Some of the largest profits come from holding. Unless you’re regularly watching the market and are able to time both the exit and rebound well.

There isn’t a straight answer here you could be right or wrong it’s situational. A statement such as will leave you poor isn’t accurate. And the same would hold true for the opposite statement “holding will make you rich.”

Some investors have a lot of success on picking winners and sitting on their investments for years. Others constantly trade in and out to try to increase their positions/take profits/liquidate before downturns and/or whilst they believe they’re in a bubble.


I totally agree with this comment Light. What Jason has said there is very generic in his views I feel, as lets be honest none of us for start really know how this will all pan out.

Jason it’s worth mentioning, not selling in a bear market is also how you don’t lose money. As the saying goes all boats rise on a rising tide. Well sadly the same can be said for the reversal, but it doesn’t mean just because it’s not rising you should jump ship on your investments.

If you invested in the FANG stocks back in the day, when they to were not rising and tanking like the rest of the market at the time you’d of missed out on a life changing opportunity. That is where I feel we are at now more or less, so selling just because it’s a bear market in my opinion would just be as silly as in your opinion not doing so.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. You can’t use a broad brush to explain the whole market on what you should do, as there are some projects in this market as of right now that will be here in 5 years x20 what they are worth now. Your views can mislead a noob very easily, infact cause FUD. After all you say leave you poor, but wealth is relative to each man and women. So holding for some people could also be just what they need on their investment journeys.


How about the taxes you have to pay when you sell while trying to increase your positions?


Stick to your goals you made before you invested.

If you were planning on holding BTC or any crypto long term why and the hell do you care what the market is doing right now? Go outside and play with a stick; ignore the FUD.

If you’re usin crypto for retirement and you’re still 20 years from retirement age why and the hell do you care what the market is doing right now?

If you’re at retirement age and you’re all in on crypto you might have made a mistake. You’re now forced to hold till you can at least recover your losses.

Don’t rush to make a move based off a shitty news article. Do your research. Make logical chooses with your portfolio not emotional ones.



Correct us if we’re wrong, but selling and grabbing your profits and “leaving” them in the exchange for more trading opportunities you don’t get taxed on as you haven’t withdrawn into fiat via your bank account…Thoughts on this? @john @peter


Not selling sure worked for Tron and Verge hodlers. Especially the ones that got in at .30+


TRON holders simply need to sit it out, or accept losses.