TAX rant, I just want to cry


Haha ain’t no government giving me work, I made my own work :slight_smile:


Wait i dont understand this tax business. Im under 18 so if i got big gains would i have to pay tax. I’m from the uk btw


What really grinds my gears is these governments and their criminal central banks are all calling crypto currencies a fraud and a risky investment, yet they want to tax anyone that is successfully benefiting their financial well being with these assets. Seems a little two faced to me.


But, hey, they make the rules. Not we, the normal stupid folks. And if it is that way, they probably don’t know what they are doing. Democracy at its finest!



In the US yes but do not know about the UK. I have been paying taxes since I was 15. Now I did not make a lot when I was younger and got back in a refund but still had to pay initially.


They launder their criminal money. They have a banking licence to do that.
Crypto? It’s people’s money. It’s the money they can’t control. And they hate that. Therefore, they are trying to take that away.


Hold on, you forgot something: :wink:

First you have some money on the bank (50% of what you really worked for after the tax) then you want to buy some cryptocurrency and your bank account get blocked while they don’t allow cryptocurrency… After a good talk with them and 5 weeks later you buy some cryptocurrency and get some profits. Then you think to buy a nice Rolex from your profits,… I take 1.5 btc and cash out… 25.000 dollar to my bank account (the bank is now my friend again while I give them money they can lone to someone else for 5% extra) then I pay tax for cryptocurrency, then I pay tax for the Rolex and after that the Rolex cost me 25.000 dollar… And then on the end I got a Rolex around my wrist for 6.500 dollar value! :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah. This is why I will feel no sympathy for any struggling retailers or all merchants that are not adopting crypto. I don’t want to take my value out of crypto and back to cash to use to buy products and services. Crypto is a financial evolution that is starving for main stream adoption and if these companies cannot see that then fuck them. They deserve to die.


Yeah when you put it that way…jail actually doesn’t seem much worse.



the problem is when you buy things that doesn’t addup to your income, they will come and find you for obvious reason M laundering without permit


same story in germany. i think germany even has one of the highest tax rates smh


Netherlands is hardly a tax paradise, man. they tax the fuck out of me as a regular Joe as well.
maybe if you have a great company, with an even better accountant that knows all current loopholes.


Sorry to hear the details my friend. Taxes always suck. Period.

I find it fascinating that I still meet people who believe the rich should be taxed more…


I am pretty sure Denmark is #1 in the overall tax pressure. And by a very huge margin.

I think we have like twice of what you have in the US?

48% on lowest income, up to 60% on highest. Not hard to reach. Employees pay a lot, we pay insane taxes on nuts, sugar, etc etc. Almost 300% on cars. They recently cut it down to like 250%.

Welcome to the happiest country in the World. We fucking hate living here. :joy:


But America MSM loves you! And tells us how good it is over there in European countries being invaded by outsiders…

The multiculturalism of the day… and new age socialism…


For cryptocurrency it’s a paradise but for the working guys… Shit man!


Yeah i really can’t believe how much “we” have been at war lately. Denmark has been with the US in pretty much every single war as far back as I can remember.

And now people wonder why the refugees come to us. What a fucking mystery :joy:

I feel bad for all the elders that worked hard to make sure I could have the opportunities I have now, and now they are literally left to rot, because we spend all our money bombing mostly innocent people :pensive:


Yes but there’s also a lot of people complaining about bank closures too. It’s reached the point that a search like “bitcoin bank close accounts” pulls up plenty on Google.


Yea you should try America…where you pay taxes and get 0 health care, transportation, and crap for education. You don’t have it so bad in Hungary…trust me i lived plenty on both sides of the pond. You work 60 hrs here and no free healthcare after you pay taxes…let that sink in for a sec. I’m not even going to go into the cost of college education and the domino effect of this giant machine that is powered by creating cheap labor, and the corporate machine that thrives from this kind of env.