TAX rant, I just want to cry


It’s a joke,i don’t know why people stand for it. I understand we need to chip in to build and run a country but these days it’s ridiculous, so much hidden and double taxation and people are not even aware of it.


I like the discussion being had here. Apart of my next week’s roll call will be referring to this exact issue. Stay strong guys.


Australia just as bad as well. We got one of the highest tax rates its crazy.


Issue is not so much how high the taxes are but rather what the gov provides for them. USA is in its own lane when it comes to this. Because they have been able to convince the masses that spending on military is essential to some “freedom”, rather than spending on the tax payers. Its a brilliant trick honestly. Keep pushing the rhetoric of individualism, which will further divide and not let masses come together in opposition of anything gov does. Continue waging wars across the globe causing mass immigration like we’ve never seen before. Mass immigration = cheap labor. Corporations love that. Keep everyone working 80 hrs a week in order to pay for their doctor bills since healthcare is shit…and then take their taxes and put 75% back into pentagon to just repeat the cycle. Cost of education is higher and higher so most don’t even bother to understand whats going around them and are too clueless and corporations rule the economy. Its the new democracy we created.


Bro. You woke af. :fire: keep it up!


no you are not, we have the highest taxbills of the world. I can send you a list of all taxes we pay in Holland, it is ridicyule, belachelijk, crazy. we pay tax over tax over tax. It is theft. We need to stand up!


Yeah when it comes to paying tax, I will do all i can to find every legal loop hole going!


Any good tip for us?
Besides making our gains untrackable via a privacy coin (monero) and selling it on localbitcoins? :slight_smile:


Best tip I can give you is stop using traceables… Zcash is your answer


Bújt az üldözött, s felé

Kard nyúlt barlangjában,

Szerte nézett s nem lelé

Honját a hazában,

Bércre hág és völgybe száll,

Bú s kétség mellette,

Vérözön lábainál,

S lángtenger fölette.


I really don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes…

So… I purchased $400 BTC on coinbase then transferred to a blockchain wallet, then to bovada and won $5k. I deposited that $5k back to coinbase using blockchain then back to GDAX as btc. At the moment I’M letting it sit there to gain a little more money, ha. Right now its at $5200. I also purchased $3000 Ethereum on coinbase and then transferred to binance. I bought ICX with that money and it is now just sitting in there. How, if, or do I report tax for 2019? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


What are the dates of the Bovada earnings?? I presume it’s 2018. Let me know if it’s not. It’s a good chance you will owe taxes on that in 2018 unless you later lose it in the same way you made it – gambling (which is a whole different earning class than capital gains)

And did you make any money on the Etherium to ICX exchange? Assuming yes that would be a capital gain.


The title says it all and that’s why I’m not even bothering to open it, “one if biggest investors says it will moon” so its a shilling article … no thanks.

3rd party articles? could have more credibility, but who knows if the author has or not any of the coin he mentions… lol


Those winnings are from 2018. Eth to icx, I have not made money. I’m in the negative, about 1800.


But wait…how much is divorce in Holland? :wink:


Depends how you married, with no exclusions 50/50