Tai Zen, Leon Fu, Peter Saddington - Exotic Cars, Disappointing Parents, Getting into Bitcoin [PT1]



Boys being boys :nerd_face: Thanks fellas


I quite enjoyed this exchange of words.


My guesses as to why Peter does not invest in Ethereum:

  • It is a bit like a centralised system as opposed to Bitcoin ecosystem…
  • It does not rely on proof of work.
  • Software seems to be buggy.
  • They have their own language(As a developer, do I need to learn yet another language??? Why aren’t we happy with our languages :smiley: )

Let’s see if these are true.


I’m trying to learn Spanish & Hindi - that’s enough for me :mouse:


I just got an email from Tai Zen to attend a Crypto Currency Bootcamp in Dallas in April. It is a four day event, and only $25k!! Whatdafuck? Who, are these guys, and how do they bring more value to me than my Dogelord as a Cryptonaut? Who pays $25k for a weekend with Tai Zen and his Dot com buddy? No Thanks!


That’s their business model. It apparently works.