TA is bullshit and I will prove it


@GrillingWithGuns: If @TheNewEra is a rookie (as he said) this thread is even more nonsense than we thought :wink:

Try to challenge Philakone’s, he’s trades are 95% based on TA: https://www.youtube.com/user/philakone1/videos

He already made few millions bucks trading on margin on bitfinex. He do not read crypto news.


Yes, me to. I know successful traders who do only TA (scalping/day trading). But long-term profesional investors/traders always go also with FA.

Good topic. I think many pub’ers will learn proper mental approach to the topic. Not just non-professional saying “TA is a bullshit”.


@Jeremi-Kossak I think what you are asking of me is unfair. i’m a rookie coin flipper. i have never once done it competitively or even to decide who kicks off during a football game. check yourself.


Looks like this thread is having it’s intended effect. :troll:


TA is bullshit? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

U wot m8? :dizzy_face::boom: :boxing_glove:


Fair enough :wave: good luck


every TA ‘expert’ I’ve seen on youtube is wrong 50% + or more, I say expert loosely, because if you feel confident enough to make a video on TA, you must have had some luck… but I turn the video off when I see TA, because the very high margin of error means it is not worth my time.


I agree with you as I have had the same experience.

FA is typically only used to know what sectors or what stocks/coins/companies to do TA on. What I think @GrillingWithGuns is getting at is in the Crypto space even FA doesn’t mean anything as stated before a strong fart in South Korea could send a coin to the moon or into a nose dive. A single tweet can do this also. So it is quite literally a flip of the coin. Not sure @Jeremi-Kossak gets or understands this based on his statements here in this thread.

Lastly it was stated that the trade was whether a coin will be up or down on a specific day. This means that FA has very little play even from a professional standpoint.

Right here shows that you missed the entire point of the thread. This isn’t about long term investing and if that is all you are into then yes the thread may be non-sense but to say that it is non-sense with out that context is non-sense in itself.


Agree with above as well. Now it would be to much of elaborate to cover everything :slight_smile:

I understand, as i have wrote:

I have both investment portfolio (mostly based on FA, non-correlated assets classes) and trading portfolio (based mostly on TA).

The topic is “TA is…”, not “TA for crypto is…”