Swing trading ICX


Switching out my coins a bit… NEO is a practically guaranteed to double, and while I hold this in my HODL account, I think I can leverage it in my swing trading account as well. It stabilizes the variance in my account. I plan to increase my position in NEO, buy taking 3 - 5 day set it and forget it trades. It usually takes her a good 2 - 5 days to do 5 - 10% moves. I’ll use this as a consistent, hassle free swing trade to increase my positions.

Fail fast… Fail forward!


DAY 7… retooled the strategy, really forced me to add structure to my trading methodology. I’m very optimistic that I will over take the do nothing portfolio in a week. We’ll see.



ICX is a massive portion of the HODL portfolio… so she’s pulling away really good. (At the time of audit ICX was at all time highs).

Also… I suspect that scalping gains in a bull market is a losing strategy. I think its best to let the bulls run free in these instances. Scalping gains on the way down is where the trading portfolio can get ahead.



Man. Crushing it. Please please. Set those exit goals. Take profits to keep you in the game! Reward thyself!


Im a huge fan of delayed gratification. But ure the bitcoin sage! I will definitly set some exit goals. Thanks for the input!


Really cool strategy, I got into crypto mid December and have been doing same but with much less than you are investing. Although I am also seeing gains I am worried about the new tax regulations and wonder if it is better just to HODL, what is your opinion about the IRS taxing day traders and do you think it will still be worth it?


Yea, that’s why institutional money isn’t quite as agile. I’d say there are pros and cons of both. I’m trying out the free trial of coin tracker… looks promising so far. It spits out all your tax information.

I hear you 25% is a lot to pay… Remember rule number one is HODL, I think that that’s rule #2 also…

However, I think at the 6 month mark, I’ll be able to decide from there. There whole point of this though is to ultimately add to your core positions… which in compounds your rate of return, because you simply have more of that coin. Had my execution not been shoddy a few days ago, the numbers would be inverse +3Kish now vs. the HODL portfolio. So it’s hard to say… its too soon.

If you don’t enjoy it, or don’t have time … then absolutely HODL. No doubt about it… I’m having fun experimenting.


and he has made 250% PLUS $554 (daily)


to stressfull for me…i just like wtaching it go up…if not i just ignore it lol


Is this Ripple run never going to end? (This is happening right now). Going to put in a stop limit buy just in case I guess…


Catching up… thanks to TRX… Could have definitly over-took the HODL portfolio today, but haven’t been able to actively be at the computer all day… Life… amiright?? Anyways, definitly licking my wounds…

Wife’s $1,000 account is now at $1,423.76… so she finally “gets” why I’m, plugging away everyday now!



Looks like the handle is there now too.


I don’t know. One side is way taller than the other. :slight_smile:


Yea, ripple is trading on pure market emotion… Im pretty sure she gets go bullish again fairly soon.


Oh i found good coin to do some swing trade last 2 days. ETH on coinbase i was swinging from 800 eur to 850 eur. earned 400 euro so far haha. damn if i only knew earlier my 1rst buy before swing was at 724 eur. Oh but i do trade on GDAX watching those charts.


I was hovering around $45,000 when BTC started it’s surge again at 0400 Eastern. This trading account is stacked with mostly Alt coins. I bought a good amount of the dips.Should be a big turn-around once the money returns to the Alts in the next few days. Second losing day. Only way to mitigate this fully is to have a large portion of the account in Bitcoin. If this was my only account, I would probably do that. But knowing I have BTC stashed in my wallet. I’m OK with taking these losses, because of the gains on those holdings.



Your still killin it…I get anxiety just playing crap shoots on cryptopia on shit coins with couple hundred


Self awareness is an ultra rare but powerful thing! Thanks for the support!


Sooooo… my HODL portfolio was holding a lot of BNB… Also, I was experimenting with full BTC positions and getting slammed for it, The only way to beat the HODL portfolio in my estimation, (at this point) is to be very opportunistic. I increased my risk thresholds and it didn’t work. Going back to 1% gains. Looking for that good 9/10 success rate.



Made this to keep my disciplined and honest. I think you can be regret free if you’ve done all your due diligence and it still doesn’t work out.

Feed back welcome.