Swing trading ICX


I asked which exchange you can short crypto on not which to trade on


i only have btc atm, should i use that to buy icx now?


Would looking for oversold/overbought conditions on the 4 hour be a solid methodology? Right now I don’t see any clear opportunities for trading ICX as it’s not clear to me where it’s going.

EDIT: perhaps the daily would be better? Too much noise on the 4 hour. Clearly oversold on the daily.


Do you guys feel that TA helps with swing trading? How predictible is it compared to stock market?


Helps? What else would you use for swing trading except TA? Gut feeling?


Kinda, I mean, I’m a noob and I can get a feeling for the price movement by looking at the order book, RSI, MACD. Indicators that HELP make a desicion. What do you do, follow them blindly?


I don’t do anything right now. But if you’re looking at RSI and MACD, you’re using TA.


What are you arguing about?


What? I asked what else than TA you would use for swing trading. It seems you are using TA after all.

Edit: my point was that there is not much else to go on.


anyone looking to swing today? Fridays are usually low days so do we expect a slight increase then drop tomorrow? I’m a little nervous about trading today.


I think if btcusd can break this level that opens up the mid to low 9000s, this should give open up the downside on icxbtc…

In the absence of a spike higher that’s what I’m looking for atmo :slight_smile:



When might we find out if it breaks that level?


Just had the fire alarms go off three times in a row in my office, my ear drums have taken a beating…

I would look for a close below on the hourly or 4 hour charts before entering any short trades


wondering if I should move my ICX positions to chinese coins like IOST, Kucoinshares, Aelf, HPB, etc … those should resume trading by next month but don’t know about Koreans with ICX.


Hands are getting weak? :wink:


If my hands were weak I’d be cashing for dirty Fiat :wink:

I’m here to make money and want to take possible oportunities, if you look at the prices, when ICX had its last surge in price past 50k sats, ETC was on its lowest and then it went over 100% gains and ICX dropped 30%.

The oportunity was there, we knew ETC was going to get a price increase due to calisto and it was on its a big low and ICX on a big high, I was just blinded by the “hodl” saying.

I’m a big ICX fan, could’ve made 2x gains and bought back ICX, oh well, we dont know the future I know, I dont have a crystal ball either, but we knew it was coming with ETC.


For what it’s worth, I don’t think straight trend lines will help a whole lot. I have been using curved lines with a lot more contact points… Big Market Makers will probably change that now that I mentioned it. haha


I can’t trade right now so many wall, i saw one buy order of 25 btc he didnt get fill but someone dont want the price too go down
I dont know if they try too burn people who buy now or the price is about too go up
The Stoch RSI on the 4 hours scare the hell out of me


@Kenny_K How’s it going my brotha? I’m getting bored in hodling and I’m wondering if you’ve still been swing trading? How’s that going? I loved reading your stuff.