Sweden Cryptonation


Ska göra (påminn mig gärna!).

Det finns en del små strul innan allt fungerar men sen är det bara att casha in :slight_smile:
Ska försöka skriva en artikel kring det hela snart…


I really would like to go but not sure how much I would understand. I am american but I live in Lidköping. I can have a normal conversation in swedish but I think it might be difficult to follow a technical conversation about bitcoin in swedish. Is there a universal translator app in the app store?


Oops, I was thinking uddevalla lol. Uppsala… ugh thats too far.
Wouldlove to get a short summary of what was said from anyone who goes.


Hi! Swede here been in to cryptocurrencies since 2014!


Cool, tell us about your journey please. I’m sure you’d have some interesting stories to share from back in the day when certain coins were so low.


Sorry for the late response(I have had a bunch of paperwork atm)

Well I heard about Bitcoin in 2010 when i went to high school looking for some updates regarding the new iphone(iphone 4 at the time) on either the verge/gizmodo or wired, But i didn’t bother with it as i was interested into other things(Girls, Basketball & jailbreaking iphones). Then when Bitcoin reached $1000 during Nov-Dec 2013, My dad started to talk about it and Dogecoin(haha) and then i started to look into it and i started to invest into Dogecoin & Litecoin as i thought the price of 1 BTC was too high for me to buy. Eventually when Bitcoin dipped to $150-200 i started to buy 1-2BTC monthly(I was a college student at the time so i didn’t have much cash to buy crypto during those times!) until Nov 2016(end of the US elections, For BTC).

Through this journey of buying crypto, i have gotten a better understanding for how the economy works around the world and also a greater interest on Cryptocurrencies, tech and economics.


Awesome :slight_smile: dfasdf sdfqef


Anybody interested in doing a pub event in Stockholm? Någon som är på?


Hade gärna hängt på men bor i Skåne. Hoppas du får ihop ett gäng.


Svårt att få ihop folk tyvärr. Roligast vore det ju om ett företag i branschen, tex Btcx, ordnade en stor krytpofest där man kan betala med bitcoins i baren osv. Kanske någon därute som nappar på idén? :slight_smile:


Ingen dum idé! Bor också i Malmö så lite långt att åka :frowning:
Ska vi göra något kul i Skåne trakten eller Köpenhamn så kanske :slight_smile:


Jag är på om det finns ett intresse


Ett tips, hittade denna meetup:

Inget datum på det än men det verkar vara 7 personer som anmält sig redan. Vi kan ju ses där?


Ingen dum ide :smile:


Tack för tipset! Ska hålla ett öga på det där. Jag har mycket på jobbet nu året ut, så blir svårt att åka till Malmö innan nyår. Men om det förläggs till Januari så kan jag nog.


American in Göteborg, i can read swedish, but it takes 2x longer to write in Swedish, so i will stick to english. I am quite sure though that you are all exceptional in reading english

My main long term holdings are in btc, icx, omg and iota. I tend to buy other coins when they are undervalued and sell after i get some profit. About 80% of my portfolio is in btc. I would like to get it to 90-95% one day

I tend to send euro via sepa payments to Bitbay, which is a free deposit. From there, its binance or a hardware wallet. I tend not to use the swedish exchanges because of the higher fees. Though i did use bt.cx yesterday because the market was low and i needed to get a buy order out immediatly. It was really fast, i swished SEK over and didnt have to wait for a bank verification if i used bankgiro. The thing with bt.cx is that if i place an order, they give a rate based on when they get their money. But i dont want to wait half a day for the bank to send tht money over, the rate will be totally different by then (and i wont know what the rate is at at that time!). So i would never place an order there unless i used swish

I am using cointracking.info to track my trades and it has some nice features. I can see th average cost per token/coin, which i think can help with taxes. If i understand correctly, skatteverket will tax your winnings based on some average value of your token, and that is also a statistic that is generated by the site. You can also generate a tax report, but i havnt tried that yet


Fråga till er som bor i Sverige: Skulle ni vilja gå ihop och skapa en Svensk investeringsgrupp för ICO-projekt som Current?

Den nuvarande projektpoolgruppen för Current är enorm stor och spretig och jag känner mig heller inte helt trygg med att skicka 100 k i ether till en okänd person på andra sidan jorden. Dessutom så kommer det vara ett enormt arbete att bara dela upp och distribuera alla tokens. Betänkt att dessa tokens kommer delas ut successivt över flera månaders tid.

Personligen skulle jag ha mycket lättare att lita på en mindre grupp personer som bor i Sverige, t.ex @HarryvdV etc. Jag kan gå in med 10 eth. Harry skrev att han skulle kunna tänka sig gå in med 50 och då är vi uppe i 60… Om projektet skulle lyckas kan vi göra en permanent grupp av det. Finns det överhuvudtaget något intresse för detta?


I’m thinking 2 eth, so we need 38 eth? Is Harry interested though?

Sounds interesting with a permanent group, but what is the usual minimum for a private ico sale? I’m guessing you and Harry might not want to put up 60% each time?

Then again, if the project really takes off, i will have more to slosh around in the future :slight_smile:


Kul. Vet inte om Harry är intresserad. Jag tror minimiinsatsen varierar från Ico till ico, men för Current är lägstanivån 100 eth