SuperBowl LII 2018 - Should I Live Stream It?



You may remember way back when we pwnd n00bs and brought them into crypto by streaming the McGregor VS Mayweather fight.

It was a total riot.

Should we pwn n00bs again?

Let the saltiness flow!


That’s the day I joined the pub. I laughed so hard at the comments. Lot’s of angry people…


Do you smell it cause I do!!


TL;DW. They thought theyd get to watch the actual fight? For FREE? :joy:


Lols. We always pwn. It’s how we do.


Pwn them by actually having korean bbq and tempting people into CRYPTO!


Yes, please! :troll:


Stream it! I’m not even a football fan tho but its the superbowl


Definitely. Havent watched a super bowl in years.


I got over-the-top service through YouTube TV a few weeks ago. It includes local live news, premium sports (Tennis Channel, ESPN, Fox Sports and others) and CNBC in a package of about 40 channels that are free of the shopping and multilingual channels that I never use. Unfortunately I don’t get the Korean BBQ or other cooking shows that I have also enjoyed.

Still, highly recommended!!


I’m still surprised people watch the news. The news is Americas #1 depressant. Tragic story after tragic story.


Well you have to know what the weather is going to be! And sometimes there’s even a cute weather and/or traffic girl in a tight red dress who is telling me about something but it’s not quite getting through.


Im excited to watch for Vibehub in the super bowl ads very cool to start to see hints of crypto in an event this large.


At what time Super Bowl ads are released ?

Curious to see that Monster & VibeHub ad :smiley:


Is this going down? :poultry_leg::poultry_leg::poultry_leg::poultry_leg:


While it lasts.


Yesssss thank you! :goat::goat::goat:

edit:ahh damn its out already lol


Quick…Somebody create a decentralized blockchain for streaming copy written/ licensed content that can be viewed by the masses. @peter @john


Quality isnt the best


Its the thought that counts. Much appreciated!