Stupid or Not, Man Who Sold Everything For Bitcoin Still Hopes For The Best



He’s been seen kicking around here on the pub from time to time. Sounds like a nice down to Earth fellow imho. Bold decision!! Most certainly not one for everybody but I have respect for the guts it takes to do so. I’ve pulled the trick of cashing out of damn near everything once or twice in life… just to follow a dream or jump in the fire to test the mettle. Those choices lead to many strong bonds and stories to share, which I would trade for nothing else. I wish only the best for he and his family :slight_smile:


I guess guts is one word you could use. I would use another. Then again one mans everything is another mans nothing. It’s all relative. I do wish him luck.


I remember this story from last year. He did it at a great time and hopefully he took some profits at the ATH’s along the way.