Strip Club @ North American Bitcoin Conference



via Axios:

Last Thursday night, attendees of the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami were treated to an official afterparty at a local nightclub called E11even. But as conference-goers soon learned, “nightclub” in this context is code for “high-end strip club.”

I’d like to say this was an ignorant oversight, or that conference organizers already taking flack for their extreme lack of female speakers — just 3 out of 88 — wouldn’t intentionally compound the error.

I’d also like to say it’s 80 degrees outside the home office right now. But it just isn’t.

Conference organizer and crypto entrepreneur Moe Levin first told me via email that “there was no sexualized imagery or performers anywhere in the venue” until after the official event was over at 11pm.

Leaving aside the fact that attendees had nowhere else to go afterwards (i.e., many of them stuck around for the more explicit show), Levin misrepresented the pre-11pm festivities. When I followed up by telling him that female attendees had told me about hostesses in lingerie and burlesque dancers on small stages in the corners, he replied: “We asked the venue multiple times to have their staff dressed professionally and were not accommodated.”

Levin also acknowledged that one of the event MCs “made an offensive remark about women in crypto, and was fired immediately.”

At this point I stopped emailing back, because it’s hard to concentrate when your head is shaking so much.


I’m a good sport and don’t have an ounce of prudeness in me, but I’m tired AF of the behavior of corporate America. We continue to devolve and are approaching “Idiocracy” must faster than I ever imagined we would.

Level up people.


Just out of curiosity, wanted to see how it is actually looking from the outside…
It is giving me creepy vibes for some reason.


I bet it smells like stupidity and regret in that place. And nasty hoochie. Not knockin’ the individuals that are opportunists and making a living off the customers, but it’s a vicious circle where someone in the cycle needs to wise up and level up so that there isn’t a market for it. Humanity is farsided and blind to the real intimate relationships with compassionate, passionate, caring, and intellectual people right in front of them. It boggles my mind how people have become so lazy and numb that they’d choose a spectacle over the real thing.


That entrance is what they call a “murder hole.” Not a chance I am going in there with a lack of exits. Some guys Samsung note 7 melts down and you die a fiery death after you get trampled. That’s on the bottom list of “ways to go.”


Imagine the headline. “Sweaty nerds in suits and ties with unaccompanied bad explosions in their pants die in fiery shady strip club fire on the corner of Loveless and Lame Street.”


I’d much rather die in a sweaty bearskin rug fire by the fireplace with my companion/lover.


Fun times…
I would rather…


Who wants to look at strippers when you have crypto prices to watch?


E11leven is not a traditntal “strip club”. The girls are NOT naked, and the clientele there is about 1/3 women. Its more like a regular mega night club with go go dancers but with lap dances. The article makes it sound like its like Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, but its not. Its an enormous venue and most ALL Miami based conferences have their afterparty there. This is not out of the norm for a Miami based conference.

Ever been to a night club where the waitresses are NOT in scantily dressed wear?


The venue is downtown with PLENTY of cabs/ubers outside. Definitely no one got stranded.


Looks like pizzagate


Did the dancers accept Bitcoin as payment? :thinking:


They do now lol, and Litecoin too :angel: #TeamNoSleep
Next…Crypto ATMs!

My friend Michal talking about that night lol …


Sounds like a bunch of overbearing Marxist MSNBC crowd morons have infiltrated crypto if they are already bitching about lack of diversity.

burn it all down


Strippers w/ displayed Crypto prices. Nuff said.


Niagara Falls has some good “clubs” next conference is a at the sundowner