Strategies to maintain liquidity


Truely the best in the pub hahahahahahahhahaha


Thanks again everyone.

After reading up on DCA for a few hours, and reading some strategies on down averaging for stocks. I have a plan of action this time ! excited to try it out.


Hey mate, just read this. I did the same thing, exactly the opposite of what @peter said to do!

But I was nice and greedy and I hadn’t found the pub yet.

I’ve since accepted my very large losses (except when I’m tired!) And I’m doing everything I can to learn about my coins, about the market, and trading

I have realised since that if I had invested a few months ago and was well in profit now I may have had money, but I doubt I would HVA e learned much, and that could have come back to bite me later.

I hope that this bumpy start sets me up better for the future, and the same for you :wink:


This is good.

Actually, even though I’m down a little bit on some positions, I am enjoying this experience.

A volatile market like this is not common, and being a part of it is very exciting.