Strategies to maintain liquidity


Fellow fanatics :slight_smile:

I have a question if there is a good way of maintaining some liquidity.

Being new to crypto, when i started off i took my fiat I had set aside to invest, waited for a dip and bought some coin with all of it.

After a few weeks the market dipped again, this time I had some extra fiat lying around, so invested half of it and waited to see if the market will dip again, and so it did I invested everything i had left.

Now the market dipped significantly, I’m not worried about being in the red, I’m happy to hodl and will patiently wait for my time. However my regret is that when I had significant leverage with fiat, i jumped in a little early into the game.

Is a there a strategy or philosophy that you all follow to tackle situations like this?

I’m thinking from next time on, I will invest 50% and have 50% as fiat, so as the market dips 15% or more i can keep buying in chunks, and eventually when it goes up, i can sell back in increments to retain my 50%

I guess this is kind of margin trading, but without borrowing money. I’m new to this, and tried to explain as best as I can. Excuse my non-technical language, your thoughts and responses are appreciated.


Actually what you kinda did is what I’m doing on dca. But with bigger chunks and no discipline :wink:

You can’t predict this market.

If you invested in solid coins hodl. You’ll do fine.

I would suggest to never go full retard. Ehem* I mean put all your fiat in.

Windows open all the time.

You always want OPTIONS. If you have no fiat to play with you have no options.


You are right @peter

I did realize that my lack of a plan was why i stopped a little short during further dips and also been reading about DCA.

Also going to HODL my current position without doubt and hesitation. Thabks again


I keep $5000-$10000 in coinbase USD wallet at all times to take advantage of dips. Mostly for btc. But that strategy allows you to always have money to throw in.


It’s actually depends on you, who you are? Your feelings? Your goals?
For me, i’m young, student and i feel like nothing to loose so i can be ‘‘go full retard. Ehem* i mean all in cryptos’’ :slight_smile: but for sure if you are looking crypto’s as a investment method, you should diversified your savings, you should go gold-silver, crypto, real estate maybe… Also you should go a little part with fiat.

So… It changes for everyone… Are you free about to choose responsibilities?


i totally understand where you are coming from however that is a question from a wise person:)


in other word…its always good to seek wise council…


All of you guys are awesome.

Crypto is a very unique market place, i enjoy trading in it. While making a profit of course !


agreed!!!..awesome ass community!!!


I went full retod. Where were you in December lol

I guess I’m not alone is this error…


What’s the opposite of DCA? Coin cost averaging to fiat? :grinning:


All good. We live and learn. The real question is how long will you stay in the game?


I guarantee I’m not going anywhere. I plan to go to Valhalla with you guys and I’m not easily swayed. Some would say I’m to dumb to give up. I enjoy a good underdog story lol


Valhalla is such a nice word to use :smile: yes I’m not rich and I am even dca into crypto now. Think about one meal eating out you could spend on investment. My direction is playing safe always


That would be here of course :wink:


But you only go to Valhalla after you are killed.


Lol. This made me chuckle.


And live for ever in glory


Can’t win @cryptonite is too strong, slaying all that he passes :crossed_swords: