Still in Shock Just Committed to a Rig


Just bought 6 rx580s after being a Nvidia man all my life … what have I done!


You’ve done the right thing…


Lol. I was just looking at buying 6x 570s 8gb
What are you going to mine? :slight_smile:


Mining is awesome. The 580’s highly benefit from a modded bios, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it.


so 570’s are not so good?
One guy is selling those and i am unsure why :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t mean to infer that the 570’s were not good options for mining. They too benefit from a modded bios, but when compared to 580’s they make less money per card per day. One of the benefits of a 570 rig is that it consumes less power than a comparable 580 rig.

Mining gets you in the game. If 570’s are what you can afford, then they are a good choice.


Where did you find 580s in stock?! :weary: :cowboy_hat_face:


You can find them if you really hunt, are patient and you are usually limited to a few at a time. I’ve managed to pick up 3 580s this week for between 330 to 360 with tax :metal: So they exist. And there are some really cheap deals on 570 8gb for even less when they pop up.


Sweet! Good job man. Trust me I search every day all over, but the drought continues.

Snagged a couple of 1060s on Amazon Warehouse last week and they apparently got ‘lost’ during the delivery… :rage:


You in the US? I shall teach you my ways :nerd_face: Muahaha


So first have you attempted a CDW account yet? Ordering from them requires a few phone calls after checking out online, and has very tight limits. If you can manage to not let on you are mining can get a really good price on two or 3 of what they have available. The “I’m building computers for my two teenagers and myself” angle works well :no_mouth::+1:

And I have a lot of success on newegg in what would be in the middle of the morning eastern time.

Also if you are testing the concept of a rig and you aren’t trying to drop a brick ton of money before you are sure mining is right for you and you don’t want to worry about reselling a card or screwing it up- the rx 560 4gb models run between $125-170 and will do 10-12 mh/s for ETH and run on very low power, great to test while getting your confidence up. I normally never reccomend a 4gb with having the timer ticking down (even if it’ll take a year or so or not work anymore) but for anyone just starting out these can even be found in stores a lot of the time to get going right away, while deal hunting for nicer cards)


I recently signed up for’s email alerts. Basically they send you an email whenever the product is back in stock on most retail websites. I get a good number of emails a day that have 580’s stocked for MSRP, albeit only for a few minutes before they sell out.

If you’re interested, follow these intrusions:


I have no idea lol. To be honest I’ll probably need to lean on the wisdom of the pub on this. I decided to start mining to fund my DCAs but have no real experience. I was thinking of ETC?


I guess in my part of the world everyone wants a Nvidia. I can’t find any 1080TI or 1070TI In stock anywhere but plenty of ati cards. That, and the fact I can get almost the same $$ per day spending 2k less was a major factor in getting the 580s.


Do you have experience in modifying bios for these cards? Or point me to any resources?


Blockchange made a post today about finding 1080 and 1070 models every day on amazon, might want to hit then up and see what times and price ranges the cards are available.

And for the modding them, I’ve seen a few people post on it but I can’t seem to find it searching. The folks in the mining area of the discord are helpful too for these kinda questions, might get faster results


Cheers man. Great info! I haven’t tried CDW yet but will look into it for sure.

I made sure to stay up late as per your advice and it worked like a charm!

At about 3.30am+ I started to notice stock get listed, and managed to snap up a pretty sweet RX 580 and a 1060! :smiley:

You would never have known it now, as stock is the same as yesterday all round. I guess everything must get bought up within a few minutes.

Amazing advice! :sunglasses:


Update on the rig. Just installed some fans


Awesome! Welcome to the mining club!
Making money! Amazing!