Steller XLM added to etoro today


Steller XLM got added to Etoro (largest social trading platform) today. No alert was giving as far as I’m aware it just got added. Etoro now has 8 cryptocurrencies you can bet on (BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, ETC. LTC, XRP & XLM) Sell/buy both available but XLM is being heavily brought on Etoro and from the social feed a trend seems people are selling XRP positions to allocate to XLM. XLM currently trading on Etoro at $0.46 (has now sold out) and coinpuffs is showing XLM at $0.41


I wondered why it was going up today, last I looked though it was back to .39-.40. Steller is a good coin


Careful using Etoro THE SPREAD IS RIDONKCOLOUS so day trading is not something you want to be doing on there. They have an awesome copy program but it takes a lot of work and correct calls to get copied and receive the benefits that go with that which I THINK include no fee’s, a set monthly cheque (amount ranging up to $3k i think depending on your etoro level/status) and a percentage of the funds you manage paid to you each month.

I would recommend not using Etoro if crypto is your only interest but the social aspect has proven helpful to me in collecting opinions from experienced traders and fun (newbie/muppets etc…) retail traders as well