Some Amazing Crypto and Bitcoin Infographics



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Blockchain is exponential innovation

You don’t have to be an expert to understand cryptocurrencies, you just have to read graphs, a lot.

Bitcoin futures Appears to have Sent Bitcoin’s Price Plummeting


Crypto is being compared to the Internet ( era)

Blockchain and crypto are just two pillars of the new internet

Crypto Price Cycles

Do not buy when there is hype, buy when markets are pre FOMO or bear-strong.

Blockchain Startups intersecting with FinTech are not as Nascent as you Think

For All the Bitcoin Hype; it’s a Minority Playing the Game

Most of the bitcoin wallet adoption taking place between 2016 and mid 2018.

Blockchain Just Might be a “Hard Fork” of the Internet

Bitcoin Has a History of Long Crashing & Rebounding

Bitcoin may be the most manipulated digital currency in history.

Ethereum Wallet Address Growth Hits Stable Growth in 2018

As Bitcoin price went down in a “correction”, this puts pressure on altcoins as a whole to innovate.

The Crypto Singularity is a Permanent Change in the Trajectory of User Growth

New users and investors means its a Millennial phenomena the started in late 2017

There is a Crypto Markets Revolution Happening; the Winners will be Monopolies

If only around 25 million people in the world actually trade cryptocurrencies, the emergence of cryptocurrency trading and markets means altcoins will continue to have a lot of buzz and no matter their volatile prices will results in innovation and popular interest.

Finding Blockchain Devs is Harder than you Think

The Crypto Singularity Means Post 2017 Expectations Run High

dApp Platforms pre 2020 Have Significant Scaling Bottlenecks for Transaction Frequency

Mainstream Banks and Finance are Adopting Blockchain

Blockchain Investment only really Began in 2013, just 5 Years Ago

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The Way we Think of the Future of Money is Changing

Apps that Integrate Crypto Get a Spike in Millennials User Growth: Example: Revolut

Revolut blog

Crypto native apps are here: Coinbase, Robinhood, etc…

ICO by Industry Shows Gaming and Gambling Feature High in “Cyberpunk” future of crypto innovation.

Many Altcoins Lack Long-term Viability Since the Top Wallet Holders Control (can manipulate) the Price Volatility

It’s hard to see how many cryptocurrencies are NOT pyramid schemes where artificial scarcity is leveraged for semi-legal profiteering schemes. Cryptoeconomics dictates which altcoins have long term viability.

Bank Executives and Legendary Investors tend to Insult Bitcoin while they build Blockchain solutions to protect their business model.

Jamie Dimon is a case in point. While they make fun of Bitcoin, they are using blockchain tech to protect their assets. This kind of hypocritical behavior has many Millennials trusting banks even less.