Software wallet safety


I’m using Exodus wallet, partly because I love the UI / connection to shapeshift, but also partly because I trust it’s security because I saw a vid of Peter using it a while back. Peter and others in the Pub, do you feel safe leaving large amounts on Exodus? Or is the bulk of your crypto on a hardware wallet?

On their own site they say they aren’t quite there yet with their security, which got me a thinking about this -

b r e n t


Personally, no. With a decent hardware wallet being less than 120 dollar i wouldn’t risk “large amounts”.


thanks clippy ;D

one more ?? - do the hardware wallets keep adding support for more coins like Exodus does? Can I put most of my coins on the same hardware wallet or are you mainly storing BTC there?


The main hardware wallets like Trezor One or Ledgers Nano S do update now and then. Google for a list of coins they currently support. If the coins you hold (and presumably not wanting to move any time soon) are not supported you could look other cold storage ways like paper wallets.

ALSO NO LESS IMPORTANT Do-not ever buy a secondhand hardware wallet, always new/sealed from reliable shops. Never ebay or some too-cheap-to-be-true shop,


ok just out of curiosity why not buy a secondhand wallet?


Should be enough :slight_smile:


oh dang

  • so if I had a ledger that was new for instance, wouldn’t I need two of them, just in case one got lost or stolen or destroyed, and keep them in different places?

what do you do, one hardware + paper?


One hardware wallet and your recovery seed somewhere very very safe (or even better, 2 places very very safe) should be good enough for most. Unless you are stashing away huge amounts of coins i don’t think we are in danger :slight_smile: