So... anyone play World of Warcraft...?



Pollymorphin#1332 - Have been thinking of requesting that tag be changed to Pollymorphin#1337 for obvious reasons :deadpool:


Great game. Been playing since Vanilla beta. WoW has some a long way since than. I loved it back than, and they have improved on it ever since. I dont like every change, but I feel like theres so much to do than you can’t be bored.


haven’t played video games much since Mortal Kombat 4


sent a request!

at times like this when crypto is down. i think we all need to play some wow together… come on everyone :cryingjordan: would be soooo epic


im a 100% horde player but nothing beats the feeling and music of nightelf starting areas…

wow wasnt life destroying xD
i really really would be sad if i know i wouldnt ever had experienced this epic classic/tbc wow time playing 24/7…
im looking to do it again and again. being able to quit my job just in time for “new” classic would be so fing perfect


holy cows! = tauren paladins…

but the lore in wow gets better and better! old gods inc, big plans are unfolding.

what are your thoughts on voljin choosing sylvanas as warchief?

i think he isnt “dead” he has faked his death many times before too… voljin is a very clever man…


Fortnite suits my timeline quick and deadly :nerd_face:


I used to play WoW but dropped it after WoTL. I understand blizzard wants to make money but once the dropped any difficulty in the game and turned into a cookie cutter game I lost interest ant it became more of a chore to play not a pleasure. With their adding you need to log online to play any of their new games I finally said enough is enough and haven’t played, purchased or looked at a game of any kind that’s made by Blizzard. Keep an ear out for Frontiers Edge should start finding info about it in the next 12-18 months just think EPIC as in WoW or GTA and such will be considered mini games compared to its scope.


I cant believe their is a thread for this. I played Human Paladin.
I wasted 6 months of my life game time.


RuneScape anyone? That game was addictive! :joy:


That’s because you played as a human paladin kekeke


hello my horde friends ! add mee lets pvp ! :smiley:


Haha - same here :rofl: