So... anyone play World of Warcraft...?



I’ve heard it’s highly addictive and a bit of a life destroyer?

I saw the start of the problem with Wolfenstein at work. circa 1993.


Used too,
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Leeeeroooy jenkinnns!!!


Sigh I miss those days playing destro and affliction in cata and mop fun times…


Anymore I just log in and play the AH to earn gold to pay for stuff in HearthStone, Heroes of the Storm, and Star Craft.


nah mage > hunter too easy :smirk:


Mage forever op. As well as rogues lol


Yeah after 1.12 patch mage > rogue easy
mine R13 with awesome gear i was only playing fire because elem and ice was too easy.
but when you had gear fire mage was insane so much fun, best spe ever. :slight_smile: :smiley:


is it odd… i REALLY miss that type of talent tree style…

i only played fire mage lol because ice was too common… arcane wasnt my style but later i enjoyed it in legion… lol


Vanilla was really amazing, not perfect of course but so much nostalgia it was the beginning of everything…maybe thats the reason it was so good to play.

I didnt play WOW after this experience, because this one was so unique and when you have try it u will never find something like this.

What else to say. :smirk:


I remember in vanilla my friend played it. He didn’t let me make a character and play unless I helped him clean his room… lmao did it twice for him then I got put off by that haha… oh when I was young and had no money lol

I started late cata and stopped in legion


Used to play Runescape :blush: @BtcBundles


I play a little…


Yeah. A little TOOOO much lol


I used to play since vanilla. Stopped about a year ago and since that time tried to come back two times and it just doesnt work anymore :confused:
Playing Overwatch now


I’ve played off and on since release. Sometimes taking a year break at a time. While I have one of each class at 110 on Farstriders, I’ve got some other 110s scattered around on other friends servers too. 4 Mages, 3 DKs. When there’s an expansion come out, I take a week or two of vacation for it =) I haven’t played too much in the past 17ish months. OverWatch has taken the spot light and I do play Hearthstone for the daily quests too =D


GIVE ME YOUR BTAG! lets play!



your a wowaholic… i can barely force myself to get another 110


Back in the day many yrs ago I was a gangster but recently trying out Fortnite def struggling


if anyone wants to RAF, please hit me up… wouldnt mind starting fresh on another server…