So... anyone play World of Warcraft...?



I was a Starcraft guy, never got into WOW. Now I’m waiting for World Of MiningRigCraft. :smiley:


Never played wow looked boring for me I’m more into fifa and nazi zombies on the sex box one


Thanks for the info! I would hate to sell an account to someone and have blizzard freeze them out. Hmmmm… I will look into it a bit more and maybe just ship the box through the 'bay


sylvanas bae :heart:


yooooooooo guys… think about this. new server, pub guild, pub pvp/raids leveling together. i started end of cataclysm. i loved playing MOP then game died to me lol

add me
wow: Felnore#1434
overwatch: Eric#16502


world of warcraft edition to the :new_moon:


Boring really? It was the most exiting game experience ever ON vanilla time of course :smirk:


I played…alot …before crypto…lol. I found crypto in december and haven’t played since


In TBC I had an average of 8 hours a day, for a year :see_no_evil:

Lost interest in WotLK

My brother met his wife on a private server :grin:


I play FF14 online :nerd_face:


Only ever got too lvl 29


I feel like I shouldn’t play it ever again, though it’s tempting. I’m like a crack addict that has been clean for years, but still tempted by the glory of raiding for epics.

Played from the beginning of Vanilla, through the second half of TBC, then into WOTLK. I’ve “quit for good” about 4 times. Haven’t touched it in years now. Then I heard about official Vanilla servers… I’ll probably go HAM on an official vanilla server when/if they’re released.


Been playing wow since I was something like fourteen I think? I turn 28 this year! Nowadays it’s just doing very casual stuff though. Questing, and Queing for Raidfinder. Easy and stressless. I play on Tichondrious, and Kel’thuzad.


the real question is who used to play runescape! friggn loved that game. it stole alot of time



Of course. Been playing since Vanilla also. One the best stories is running UBRS with a Warr, Priest, Druid (met) and 7 hunters. For what ever the reason our small guild of RL friends only ever wanted to play hunters.


Only for like 10 minutes :rofl:

Played Neverwinter Nights on private servers before WoW.

Some servers were super fun with great GM’s that ran stories and played various NPC’s and such… Other servers were just biased GM’s with overpowered friends :see_no_evil:


I stopped playing right at the end of Cataclysm. What’s that, like 4 or 5 years ago now? I put way too much time into that game, in the beginning it was pretty much the only thing I did all day. When I quit I had one lvl 85 of every class except death knight, and all were ready to raid heroics. My main had like 150 mounts and 150 pets, a fuckton of achievements, and loads of feats of strength.
The only thing I miss about it were the people in my guild, who ranged from 18-50+ years old, I really enjoyed talking to them even when not playing.
I started in Vanilla before Naxxramas came out, played constantly until Cataclysm, and then quit cold turkey. Never had even a thought about going back again.


I was super hooked on this for the entire 2011! Stole all my time. Was playing on a private server called Molten or somn to that effect. I enjoyed the crafting and selling aspect of it and ofcourse the battles. Man I remember those grinds for copper then silver then gold. Some things never change eh? I have some screenshots on an old hard drive I took at some interesting parts. My greatest accomplishment was getting the rarest item in the game: The Pirate’s Hat!!! Someone auctioned it in the guild for 1-gold! After cleaning my eyes to make sure I was seeing right, I didn’t let that sit there for 1 second longer. So that was my greatest accomplishment in the game: getting the Pirate’s Hat for 1 gold and a screenshot to prove (will post that whenever I find it).

Bare in mind this was all done at work cuz there was highspeed internet there. Then time came for me to proceed on annual leave for like a month and I had to leave it off. I didn’t have fast internet at home, so didn’t play for that month and didn’t really miss it because I shifted my focus to studying for my Microsoft exams. When I returned to work, I never played it ever again and continued studying.




Spell reflect, charge, shockwave. Swifty one shot with shockwave :troll: