So... anyone play World of Warcraft...?



Don’t want to be that guy… but… I am that guy. Been playing since Vanilla.

I’m a bit frustrated right now, tbh… Shadows of Argus just dropped this past Tuesday and I haven’t been able to login one… single… !#R@#FWASDFASF#@FSDAF time… so busy with life (and The Pub)!

This is my main:

Making Games Based on BlockChain

Overwatch :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I stopped playing a few months ago. Have been on and off (mostly on) since Vanilla. I don’t really like where the game has gone.


message me what you’d like done differently. My life long best friend is in the upper ranks for running the game, in the name of the PUB id be happy to pass your thoughts along.


but please write it as you want it delivered, I haven’t played a second of the game in my life so I won’t know how to interpret what you’re talking about outside the average persons understanding.


I appreciate the offer, but it’s not the best spend of my time anymore. I’d rather spend that energy with my wife or on cryptos.


wise man, ive never made the dive but seen many not come back up


I used to play Frozen Throne Dota! League of legends now


Stopped for 3 yearsnow lol.


i was playing Vanilla RANK13 Mage it was awesome :slight_smile:


Used to play ALL THE TIME, especially when I was at university.

Lately I haven’t been able to really invest time into MMO’s. I get a few hours a night free now, not enough to really play an MMO properly.

However, if my investments in Cryptocurrencies take off as well as I hope, I might be playing again in a couple of years once I retire :joy:



So Blizzard just announced this.

Finally I get to follow the path of my hero (Vurtne, Vanilla legend), who changed my view and playstyle in gaming. I still watch his PvP videos from back in the days.


Bye bye life… :mage::fire:


played long ago

6 months straight


Newest expansion just hit. Waste of life.


I had kind of given up on Blizzard but them releasing the classic version is a surprise to me. Didn’t think it was even on the table… ^^ I agree on the new expansions, haven’t given them much time.


i think i’ve watched this 10 times:


i cried! classic… finally… :scream:

played A LOT on private servers. (RIP nostalrius)
im gonna resub my account as early as i can when classic kicks in.
idc about the new expansion tbh but to each their own.


Blizzard please let vanilla alone, and just keep the good memories.FFS


Gots a question for yall… my brother and I were into Wow pretty much from day one. I dropped off to join a metal band but he stuck through for a while up until his twink guild disbanded. Up until the WotLK. Can you still sell old accounts? Ive still got the C.E big box lurking around with the special pets… mini Diablo :smiling_imp:ftw. Just curious


i think you “can” … but, blizzard has gotten really wise about these secondary markets…