i believe when xu jin ping is reelected on oct 18, he will probably be announcing to lift the ban of exchanges and encourage more free trade and innovation by setting up another 10 new exchange? HAHAHA


OH MAN!! hahahahha okay okay okay fingers crossed then!! :smiley: COME ON CHINA!!


I think better avoid fybsg… the spread is very bad


I agree! I tried it once and managed to get some BTC below $5k. Not good for fast purchases during dips. :slight_smile:


Need to get out to Singapore too. Damn. Too many countries1


DO IT!!! :smiley: Expensive as hell to party but its all good. xD


whats this hoo-haa going on with anyone?


what’s up with it?? I haven’t bought any BTC yet. :smiley:


they are on KYC overdrive


dont understand your point, show some news



man I hope they don’t shut xfers down. I have some money in there ready to purchase bitcoin. I hope they will at least give a warning before closing down. :slight_smile:


Come here yo and eat some Korean BBQ man Singapore style!

Get to interview OMG, SNT and TenX too - those guys are based in SG


I think they are forcing everyone to go through xfers and there is a backlog of more than a thousand customers to complete their KYC information.


Digital Wallets: Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can buy either a Trezor or Ledger digital wallet. ?


Gemini has been pending my wire transfer to them for a week now, even though DBS says my wire transfer has been successfully sent to Gemini’s bank, but recently Gemini changed the clearing code and the intermediary bank’s clearing code is not accepted and my wire is now in limbo. What is my course of action? Anyone facing similar like me?


You will be able to find people selling brand new hardware wallets on Carousell. Another way is to preorder from the few local distributor’s website that can be found by googling. Always buy sealed first hand hardware wallet.


yo , hi guys , nice to meet you all . Opss I just open a new topic Singapore cryptonation. Damm, didn’t realise that here already got one :point_up:️ How to delete topic ya ?


By the way , any one know about the GST to the bitcoin ? How it’s work and how much gonna be charging , for each transaction ?


Support (Singapore Exchange) and Cobinhood (Taiwan exchange with ZERO trading fees)…

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