Simple mining. Rig Groups + miner options


there should be “Rigo”


as mentioned above tick (check) the box in front of your miner --> then Assign Group --> then from the drop down menu choose Rigo -->save


for Reload right? and I can use exodus for btc and eth address?


ja exodus has multiple currencies


Seems to work for eth, 7 restarts in short time normal to start whit?


just as a tip gtx1080 are really bad for ethereum, 71MH is not very good , zec is a lot better, every time you restart your rig ,the counter will go up


have a look at this here you can check what would be the best to mine


Well done for helping out ! … Very informative for other noobs like me :slight_smile:


I want to build mining rig for etherium and other coins but not bitcoins as they say its expensive
and hence no returns on investment or may be less. So i need suggestions that can i go with etherium mining now, and what others coin i mine?

A 6 GPU rig is i can invest now and may be i can increase later, for now only 6. My electricity cost will be much less. So i am not worried about that.

  1. I wanted to buy Radeon vega, but shall i buy 56 or 64? please i need specific reasons i will be very thankful. As i read many people are suggesting Radeon over nividia. I am investing very hard earn money. so please help me out. Which one shall i use nividia ? and which one then? or radeon vega 56 or 54?

  2. motherboard?

  3. PSI

  4. All other devices and equipments?

  5. Total cost?

  6. How much will i earn per day, week, month or year?

  7. What others coin can i mine with such a system , only Etherium or others coins as well? if others, which one

A. Khan


One thing that you have to think of is , what is your knowledge in computers ? The reason i ask is , AMD RX/VEGA can be a real pain in the a… . I have 4 rx580 cards , and they are only good if you know how to BIOS Mod them. I have 9 Vega 64 and after a lot of playing around they are working with out a problem, and they are very profitable , if i could get my hands on some more i would buy more , but only vega64 because i don’t want to deal with bios modding the vega56 so that its like a vega 64. With nvidia its very easy , you buy them , unpack,install and adjust the OC settings , that’s it . So that’s the reason why i’m going with the Nvidia 1070ti

I always do a goil calculation , meaning , My goal what i want to have in sols/s (Example 10000 sols/s) and what it would cost me to reach that goal, also calculating in the power costs .

Example 10000Sols/s ZEC is my goil (power cost 0.175$ kw/h) and (card prices hier in switzerland) (all rigs are 8 card)

For an 1060 6g build i would need 4 rigs (initial cost 11000$) (9860 sols @ 2890 Watts 3.4sol/w) = 2915.-$ profit = ROI 3.77 months

For an 1070ti build i would need 3 rigs(initial cost 14079$)(11760sols @ 2760 watts 4.26sol/w) = 3578.-$ profit = ROI 3.93 Months

and for an 1080ti build i would need 2 rigs(initial cost 14626$)(11200sols @ 3200 watts 3.5sol/w) = 3326.-$ profit =ROI 4.39 Months

all these values are real world values that i took from my own mining farm (over 100 gpu’s ) (10603g_10606g_1070_1070ti_1080ti_vega64_rx580_rx480)
so speaking of long term , if you do the math the 1070ti is the best out there.
In the price calculation was included number of PSU`s @1200watts each ,risers,ram,cpu,and motherboards.

PSU = corsair platinum 1200W
Motherboard = asrock H110 PRO BTC+


Thanks :blush:. If i want to build
6 gpu rig and my budget is 5000$ or less.
What gpus shall i choose?
What coin can i mine?
How much can i earn?
I am in sweden. Electricity cost is not a problem for me so exclude it. I read and radeon vega 64 people say are good for etherium and a lot of other coins as well.


like i said , if you are comfortable playing around in the windows registry , the vega are quite good , but they are good for the CryptoNight and Ethash, And the Nvidia is good for Equihash and ethash.
but just have a look at , there you can put in how many cards you have , and it will tell you your profit


5000$ will get you started, and you can add cards later. Did you look at this Pay out in btc.


Thanks. Just looked it now. Are these radeon vega 64 or for that matter other gpus, as i am living in a student corridor and i have no extra space. We are six people in corridor so six separate rooms. So shall i go with 2 or 3 . If they are not noisy i can buy 6 and then scsle it up as you saud. But if noisy then i ask for your suggestion . How many can i buy and earn ?


They will make noise and heat.


If you chose to go whit nicehash please understand the risk


what did you decide on doing for oc the 1080?


Hi mrs am Samuel am from west Africa Ghana new to this bitcoin mining pls i need a help from use just started using the simple Mining am ask of Miner OPTIONS i dont know what to do can you pls guide me


Which coin are you mining and what hardware do you have?