Simple mining. Rig Groups + miner options


This is all good now ? :smiley:


almost … when it looks like this in the console

GPU4 58C Sol/s: 477.8 Sol/W: 4.03 Avg: 481.0 I/s: 252.9 Sh: 4.39 1.00 51
GPU6 54C Sol/s: 477.4 Sol/W: 4.17 Avg: 476.2 I/s: 253.4 Sh: 4.39 1.00 56

then all is good , but 130 watts for a gtx1080 is quite low start higher then work your self down try for the start 150


maybe try 300 for memory in the beginning , i really dont know the 1080 's what the sweet spot is


i put this in now, i see that the temp on the card has gone down mutch afther add nanopool.


i dont understand that one , “after add nanopool”


i mean afther settings to join the pool / miner program now temp is only 35


mmm thats not right. ok lets start from the beginning .
1 what contry are you in ?
2- is this your adress ( t1SiWTRqKf7P3KQEKJ2cX58NCK4AmFTwowD )
3 set core and mem to 0 and power to 150 watts


this is what your settings should look like for the dstm-v0.5.6 miner with your wallet copy paste

–server --port 6666 --user t1SiWTRqKf7P3KQEKJ2cX58NCK4AmFTwowD.$rigName --pass x

  1. Norway
  2. t1SiWTRqKf7P3KQEKJ2cX58NCK4AmFTwowD copied
  3. 0 0 150 set


and is everything running ?


still the same screen, i try some other overclock but nothing change.


Following and learning.i hope you sort it out soon


One question, did you assign a group yet ?


Did now

#35 Account
not found
Remember: to add your account to the database you should find at least one share


Rig groups should look something like this


looks same

Console can this mayby be smos os?


Aaaa now we have it
go to Riglist

tick the box in front of your miner --> then Assign Group --> then from the drop down menu choose Rigo -->save


in the field group there should be Rigo and not default