Simple mining. Rig Groups + miner options


how to put these setting? now i use default


I’m confused by what you are asking.


Please clarify your specific questions. This is extremely vague.

Also here is a video on SMOS setup.

I would be more than willing to help answer any specific questions but if you are just wanting a general walk tutorial please watch the above video.


what to fill out here? they need wallet for my zcash and btg? is this the dual miner algo?


I hope i can help you
1- Nope the dstm miner is not a dual miner , it is optimized for Equihash
(ZEC,ZEN,BTG and so on)
2- I guess you are new to mining but for the majority of the pools you will need a wallet in the specific curency you are mining . (Ledger,Trezor,Jaxx,Exodus and so on) they are Multi currency wallets .

3- what to fill out “Example” do not copy and past because that is my wallet !!
The text is broken up in to different paramiters --server --port --user --pass

–server --port 6666 --user t1Qq1KgnMb6npWLmM2sq7ni39S7HWJEopPq.$rigName --pass x

–server (" " is the pool you want to mine with)
–port 6666 (“6666” is the port the mining pool specifies )

–user t1Qq1KgnMb6npWLmM2sq7ni39S7HWJEopPq.$rigName
(“t1Qq1KgnMb6npWLmM2sq7ni39S7HWJEopPq” thats your personal wallet. and
".$rigName" is your miner name , in the case of $rigName the name will be automaticaly assigned from the name that was given to your miner ,or you can just put any name there like “t1Qq1KgnMb6npWLmM2sq7ni39S7HWJEopPq.helloWorld”)

–pass x
for most of the pools you just leave “x”

so i hope i could help


Yes this help, I have the address from zcash wallet. this is how it looks now

. should it be this space between t1SiWTRqKf7P3KQEKJ2cX58NCK4AmFTwowD.$rigName ? and yes this is my first rig so i am newbi


no space , and you have a typo “–user” and not --usert
just copy past
"–server --port 6666 --user t1Qq1KgnMb6npWLmM2sq7ni39S7HWJEopPq.$rigName --pass x"
but replace my adresse with yours .
if you are mining from say USA then you might want to change the location .
have a look at there help page
example would be for USA east


And congratulation to your first rig :+1:


Ey o7 ) .

Now all look good? or i can edit anything else? )


almost , but we are getting there .
you have to set overclocking and power
because your powerlimit is set to 6 watts per card .

these are my setting for a gtx1070ti


what cards are you using ?


ASUS GeForce GTX 1080


and here is the link to your worker so see if it is up and running , it might take 1 hour untill you are regesterd


200 core
800 mem
160 watts or less for power
60 c target temp
if it crashes try less core maybe 150
there you might have to play around because i dont have a 1080 in my farm


nice 1 is this safe for the card, i guess it shut down if somthing is wrong?


dont worry , its safe , thats the only way you are going to make profit .


this is my setup with 60 + cards


and becuse its a software overclock there is not much that can go wrong , only that the system will crash and go up in Flames :fire: , no just kidding , it will only crash and hang or reboot


nice1 god job man, i see from overclock: Core MHZ is OFFSET so you need to write HOW MUCH MORE MHz you want to add to default value. can i see the default value?


nop cant see , only if you set core and mem to 0 then you will know what default is.and yes its a offset for NVIDIA card , or absolut for AMD.
and dont forget to reload or reboot the miner after you made some adjustments , it takes some time to show up (up to 5 min)