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Solid currency but I am sadly not in since I was too late. Don’t understand me wrong, you can still make good money with Dash, but since the market cap is already that high, the multipliers are gone for sure.


I am not a huge fan of Dash (not at all actually). But it seems to be on the move. Its been about to break resistance for a while. And I just looked at the orderbook on Binance


Dude to be honest, I didn’t look at Dash for quite a while what I now regret. Back then when I first looked into it I could’ve gotten a masternode for a few grands which would now be worth over a million usd.

If you want to make money by trading you don’t have to be a fan of the currency that you are trading. In fact it is actually good if you have no emotions for it. If you see a opportunity then go for it.


I for myself are momentarily pretty hesitant about buying alts since btc is still pretty damn low. I expect btc in the short to mid term to rise quite a bit more and pull most alts down in btc valuation. I could be totally wrong there but that’s just my opinion.


Yep. I just took a small position in Dash. Lets see what happens :slight_smile:


Well actually, by looking just at the chart, could very well break out. Pretty much all alts exploded the last days, dash was not one of them.


So what is(are) your target price(s)


bought back PASC 24k
reduced ETH 990


Bytecoin before it moons to .04 in 2018


10% up



thinking about buying the dip in STEEM. but not sure about alts while btc closed on ath in korea…


closed TRST NXC CFI for BTC. i am just worried a bit that this time, it could be wrong to buy the dip here and those are not my core positions and still in profit.

XRP now coming down too. i dont support ripple, its like a trojan horse and annoys me that its 2nd in terms of market cap. it annoys me more than bitcoin cash.


When the evolution update is up i think we will see a nice jump. Its a little ways out though. Also looks like alt36 is making progress with using DASH at marijuana dispensaries. Big things this year.


Interesting. I´ll keep a small position just to see what happens


I know there is almost no talk here about Dragonchain :dragon_face::dragon: … but it’s something worth taking a look for sure !


I agree it has gone up quite a bit in the last few days. It is up for voting to get added to Binance right now.I think if it gets added to Binance it will see quite a big bump in price.


added SHIFT 54k
added KNC 22kk


STEEM missed it again…


reduced ZRX at $1.30


sold adds on knc and shift, reduced alts throuout portfolio to be 50% in BTC now, swapped all ETH into BTC as well.

hopefully this is not a bear trap but i dont think so. i think btc could be doing its moon thing soon again