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These are my 2018 Jan investments.



BTC, BCH, LTC… 3 i can name right away all down significant within one week and even more within last 2-3 weeks.

nothing is safe and i dont tell it is. usually if u take bigger risks you can also make bigger gains. i was talking about risk management. it has nothing to do with the selection of the coins itself (small caps, big caps erc.)

currently i find coins like LUN SHIFT ZRX more intresting than either one of the top 10. The only one i liked was ADA and it is a “sell to take profits” to me now.


reduced 25% GNT at 8753


Btc, Ethos, Utrust, Powerledger, quantstamp, venchain, wanchain, icon are worth a look


Wanchain already trading?


No somewhere around Q1 18. Ico was sold out in minutes. Once it hits the exchange I gonna stack up even more on it.


also reduced 40% ZRX at 7160 sat


BTCEUR long 11600 as hedge for alts against btc


ZECEUR long at 460 on average. the tremendous discount to LTC doesnt make sense to me, if market stays stable, ZEC should catch up to it a bit.


BTC hedge good so far. alts coming down very sharply. good buy the dip opportunity now imo…


added LBC right here at 5800 sat


long SHIFTBTC at 0.00057


bought back zrx 5550


Keep on update. good trick ^^ zrx 5200


Haha are u ever wrong? :wink:


long VIA 31350 sat on this pb

also added little bit more ICX here around 5.50$


yes many times im wrong. its a major pullback in alts, hopefully market recovers from here. lets see how it looks like in 24hours.


How do you evaluate your positions - technical analysis, fundamental analysis or both?


KNC good opportunity to get in too here if u missed first breakout


watchlist from fundamental research, trading based on TA