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What is your target for KNC?


Which KNC? KingN Coin or Kyber Network


kyber network, i think it can double from here. but u never know, have to watch price action and news flow can always change the situation. i just think its good here like ZRX


OK thx. Plz keep me updated on when you exit KLC


Should i get some BNB for fee? now 8usd


I like this picture :wink:


Dude. The pump is real. BTC back up!


Sorry but that was market depth for KLC :smiley:


Don’t sleep on Enigma



oh enigma, i was whitelisted for ICO, then they increased supply few days before token sale so I didnt like it anymore. have to check it out again, thx for the hint.


just did my portfolio overview, was afraid I would be down somewhat but… USD wise, I am on a new ATH so i think I have quite strong hands here for now.

this is my updated overview, position size now in relation to overall portfolio value.

Not everything worked out well, I am still way below the bitcoin dominance and should have margin longed but didnt feel comfortable enough. Also I missed CVC, I wanted to get in but missed buying the pullback. It is now up more than 40% from low, really strong one. I may add more SHIFT if it keeps dropping from here.

PASC very strong, I reduced my positon at 30k


reduced 15-30% of alts for btc through most of my positions on this move up


LBC ready to take off


ZRX, VIA, ICX adds also working, SHIFT still resting


UTRUST UTK :heart:
I put in 1.04 ETH on Nov 4th, worth 0.04084353 BTC at the time.
Value today: 0.262494338 BTC :btc:

Guys your thoughts on the ICO

seems like it is wise to hold at least BTC dominance right now, alts bleeding again. BTC could be going for new aths, maybe ripple money gonna flow into BTC? it must go somewhere, this move on XRP is unreal, will dump soon. 61% of XRP still held by ripple company. good for them… ^^


BTC is going to make its bold step…


Hey dude, glad you made some money off that call but you should still beware the incoming alt dump, if it is now or in a few days or week. Question is not if but rather when.


What are your thoughts on Dash? Seems to be on the move


Anyway at that price you bought, you probably haven’t to worry anyway. If it becomes the blockchain paypal and you keep it long term you will make a shit ton of money.