Show Us Your Gaming Rig!


jeeeeez hope u game alot :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol sometimes but they do mine 24/7


my custom water cooled rig. was great fun to build


Intel i7 4771 3.5 GHz
32 Gb RAM
GPU- GTX 1080Ti
GTX 670

Mouse - Steel Series Rival CS:GO Edition
Key- Steel Series -Apex


Got some blue?


Wicked mate just gave you a follow on SC, I like your sound :slight_smile:


Gutted I missed the stream last night (well it was early morning here in the UK!).

Here’s mine:

Ryzen1700 (gotta love those cores!)
Gigabyte 1070
Asus ROG Strix Mobo
16gb Ram


heres mine
i7 6700hq
gtx 1070
16gb ram


You think you are funny huh? Let me show you how was I rendering videos when I was a university student. Without this solution my shit notebook overheated and switched off after 10min rendering, I needed to render 10+ hours for my projects… :slight_smile: if it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid! (especially 1 day before project deadline) :smiley:


My work Rig


Yo. That stormtrooper inception!


I got the same CPU, i had to unscrew the heatsink fan and turn it 90 degrees so the AMD was on top lol, it was killing me to leave it sideways


Haha yeah seems like such a simple thing for them to ha’ve fixed!


Here’s mine! :grin:

i7 6700k
16gb Ram
MSI R9 390
Asrock Z170 K6+

and my Samsung Chromebook Plus!


What screen setup do you have? :heart_eyes:




Amd Fury
16GB Geil
My first custom loop :slight_smile:


My newest addition sponsored by BITCOIN

Built by myself for gaming and mining

Intel 7980xe cpu
Asus ROG rampage vi extreme
Dual asus 1080ti 11gb strix in sli
32gb G Skill 3200mhz ram
Samsung 2tb m2 ssd
Samsung 1tb pro ssd
10tb Wd drives x2
Thermaltake rgb cooler
Thermaltake p5 case
Silver stone 1500w platinum

Great addition to the other 4 machines I have and repaying itself mining with my solar hybrid battery system also sponsored by bitcoin :kissing_heart:

And I built it because I was bored :grin:


Can you still do gaming while mining?


Hell yes it’s runs great