Show Us Your Gaming Rig!




saving up for Icon ICO


Slainte! :smiley:


Nice man, been meaning to upgrade my monitors to a pair of H7’s! I can’t decide between them or the Focal Alpha’s. You on soundcloud?


Same here, but I just don’t really feel like spending the money to upgrade anything since I really don’t take this to serious, I mainly do it for fun since I like to write music. Yeah, but I haven’t posted anything new In awhile. my IG is tagged in there as well.


Man! With me in the background! Grow the beard out more!


that carpet in my avatar was a once in a lifetime event. trust me it really sucks.


Ryzen 7 and 1080 TI


(lol) I was having a conversation tonight about this ‘Gaming System’ which I had back in 1096! :cowboy_hat_face:

I sold it on Ebay 6 years ago . for some :money_with_wings: So dope with the D&D cartridge! :smile:


I see you with those Noctuas… very nice. Ugly fucking fans but they are no doubt the best.


What about a little bit of laptop love…all the bells and whistles i7-7820HK @2.9ghz (overclocking to 4.4ghz) |16GB|GTX1080|UHD display and other nerd options.

yes, that’s the dogelord :smirk:


Mine :wink:


Recently finished my custom build. :grinning:


This is likely to appear as overkill at first glance, but I develop for VR and other systems. Hope you all enjoy the pics. I actually just finished the remodel of this space a couple months back. On another note, I have a shed I am currently setting up for mining rigs and will post updates of that in another more appropriate thread. Though relatively new to it, I am all in with this pub and crypto! To the moon y’all!


You should rly mount that RAD as intake mate :slight_smile:


I love that setup.

Here’s mine. Took these pictures a while back.



My Rigs

Two Rampgae V with 5960X with 64GB Ram and One Evga SRX Duel Xeon two with 11gb Strix 1080ti in each m2 SSD’s with multiple 1tb Samsung pro and 50tb sea gate iron wolf and all the goodies. Dual 43" 4k and 28" 4k screens

All built by myself.


My current rig…Still rocking the duel screen…


Dibs on the best down under, we go balls out