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I think we all want to see Bitcoin and crypto grow and flourish. Bitcoin is a grass root movement, so for it to succeed, I think we as a community need to help build the foundation. If its going to succeed, people should be able to get their salaries in crypto and be able to pay with crypto, so here is my suggestion. All of you have some special skill, something that you are good at. Maybe you’re a carpenter and somebody near you need something built. Or a car mechanic, plumber, electrician, painter, psychologist, guitar teacher etc. Whatever your skill or profession is, maybe you can sell some of your services here to other pub members for crypto. We can create our own decentralized economy.

I will go out first.

Medical doctor

Master degree in medical science with a major in biomedicine from Karolinska Institute.
Doctor of medicine (MD) from Karolinska Institute.

Work experience:
AT (Swedish Internship) at Visby lasarett. Half ST (Swedish residency) done in psychiatrics and same in primary care. Work experience from emergency room, addiction medicine, many psychiatric field (mainly psychosis), worked in many different primary care units.

What I’m good at.
Internal medicine. Psychiatric´s. Ophthalmology (fairly). Addiction medicine (fairly). Dermatology (fairly)

What I’m not good at.
Surgery (know the basics). Orthopedics(know the basics). Oncology (know the basics). Pediatrics(know the basics). Gynecology (poor knowledge). Radiology (poor knowledge). Pathology (poor knowledge). Many other subspecialties such as laboratory medicine etc (poor knowledge).

What I’m offering:
Medical discussions . Important notice! I can’t give any medical care or prescribe any medication in other countries without a Medical license in that country, and that’s not what i am offering! What I can do is give general medical information. Examples would be to help you understanding/interpreting a lab result, explain a disease such as symptoms, pathological mechanism, differential diagnosis, general questions about the body/health etc. I could help you read/interpret medical journals or a diagnosis you got from a doctor. If you have questions about a rare disease I could read up on it for you and give you a general report on it etc.

In a cryptocurrency of your choice. Price will be set on a case by case basis, depending on how complicated the question is and how much time it will take.

Stay healthy! :slight_smile:

Committing to crypto full time