Seeking competent English to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese translators for work!



Hello traders,

My company is seeking active English to Japanese, Korean, or Chinese translators for white papers and additional documents. We will pay handsomely and this may become a regular gig if the quality is good. Please contact me for information. Thank you!


Is it pretty technical?


It’s no more technical than your average white paper. We will pay regularly for the service, so you’ll have time to develop the skill. There must be resources online to assist in this kind of translating too.


I can do Korean!! =)


I can do Korean!! =)

Awesome! Do you have an email or telegram so that we may get in touch and discuss this further?


Hello. I’m interested in doing Japanese translation. Please contact me at Thanks.


Bump. Chinese translators still open.


my english isn’t competent enough to do official translation … … :sweat_smile:


If you are comfortable with learning as you go, we would welcome for you to start by translating an article or two, which we can turn over to one of our members for proof-reading and if it meets the standard, we could hire for more jobs. You can improve as you work. :slight_smile:


sure i will give it a try


This would be an example of work we’d need translated:


thank you for the opportunity, but i will have to pass it…

tried to translate it to chinese, didn’t work out too well for me,

i do understand the text, but my chinese wasn’t at the necessary level for good translation


Thank you for trying!


I’m a professional Japanese to English translator with over 10 years of experience, and I specialize in finance and IT.
Any J to E work available?
I accept payment in crypto.


might have someone, i will ask. let them look at other white papers just as an example see if they can translate


I can do the Korean translation. I have already translated for various white papers, and work at an exchange in Korea as a researcher learning about projects and publishing reports on them in both English and Korean, as well as translating for the executive team. My email is if you are interested.