Scam Alert: We NEVER Solicit



Scammers are now using our email addresses as “reply to” in some of their scams…

Too many to keep track of!

The reality is that @peter and I NEVER solicit anyone for advertising or sponsorship… we’re honestly too busy building software and being part of our great community.



Amazing, as they assume they will only use telegram to make deals… crappy.


More scams:


His “proof”:


Glad they didn’t get scammed.


I don’t think anyone from crypto nation would believe Peter has time to write anybody and do sales in the way which is awful.

I know it’s sad, and we need to have those on our radars and protect, but guys, easy, every one else will act the same as this man from Zclasic because it’s very suspicious. Any action?


LOL such bad grammar on an “Official Government document”

Georgia - Not capitalized
Person - is capitalized
Just to name two; not going to point out all the rest but that is horrible.


We never ask for interviews. I let Pubbers do that.


There is a thin line between a successful business and a criminal.
Redirect that energy.


More of the same stupidness.



How to stop that? Report that account, red flag. Anything. What is the username of this guy?

Which one?


That’s the scammer guy.


Another one.


“I’m Peter Saddington by name?”

Hell of a phrase. :wink::grin:

I guess Doge doesn’t capitalize his own name. Probably too busy scamming people to check for that.