Satoshi vs USD - what to look at?


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This is very basic but i am overthinking this and just want some help with clarification.

So i know when it comes to selling and buying any altcoin, the value that is important to us is satoshi.

So let’s say i buy NEO at 0,0135 sat. Which at the time is 110$.
Some time passes and i would like to sell. Price went from 110$ to 140$, But because it followed BTC the satoshi value didn’t change, or it even dropped a little. Any sell at this point is resulting in loss of satoshi value which is a loss of BTC which means thats still selling on a loss even if the value in $ is up?

I have seen one similar topic from october but it still didnt give me a good understanding of the matter.


If you are selling for fiat, look at the USD value. BTC price doesn’t matter if you cash out immediately. However, if you are accumulating BTC, then look at the Satoshi value when selling.


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This might help you: