SAFEX will skyrocket



Dan just posted in the forum. He said tonight. 1st the website, then discord and twitter. Crypto community is way too impatient.


I remember waiting for the wallet release and it being continuously delayed, with similar promises. If they are not delivering on time and are still peddling excuses then that is alarming imho as they have had ample time to reflect on past mistakes. It doesn’t matter if they are late as long as they are approaching it in a professional fashion and letting the community know as soon as they do. Still missing delivery dates now… its just poor and it reeks of a lack of competence.


Valid, but they have not missed the date yet. And also have not missed a date since the wallet and the addition of the new team members.


I am a slave to their decisions. B/c they are not listed on an exchange all I can do is hope that they come through, otherwise my shit is floating in the Crypto Abyss.


Whats your hopes for this coin? $0.5? $1? $10?
What are your sell strag?


7$ till 2019

asdasd :doge::doge::doge:


You think is gonna hit $7?


The journey to the Crypto Galaxy has just began, give people some time to adapt and assimilate.

I don’t see why not, total market cap can do some weird stuff, I can see 10x this year - in tmc, we might see strange things happen this year.


Blue Paper is out.


I already read it. it longer and explains a lot. I hope they can archive what they are saying in the Paper.
What i really want is other document with the plan , dates of impementation , marketing and listing exchange but is too much to ask.


SAFEX bleed out. Is it going to recover?


I’m keeping my eye at fewish projects/coins and most of them got stabbed in the back, even BTC.

In my opinion those are temporary movements. More dips to buy :smiley:


everything is bleeding out


Buy this one i in the hospital. Lol. I hope it will recover at least to $0.1


CMC gives you a bad price evaluation of the coin, it is basing the price solely off of the Trade Satoshi exchange. the only reason the coin reached <0.10 is because there was literally no sell orders. you could buy 1BTC worth SAFEX on there and the price would go up 25%. I honestly like the project but look at the order books, they are thin and can be easily manipulated and made to look like its pumping. Unless SAFEX gets listed on some bigger or at least more exchanges i wouldnt trust the price CMC gives you


Those are thin cuz the market is small at trade sato, for me price doesn’t matter right now.

Still hodling.


I am hodling too. i hope we would see some :rocket:


Any movement on this?


I don’t think this has moved at all…it’s only been de-listed from some exchanges…to the extent of my knowledge…after that i didn’t follow this that much



At 02.16 Safex is about to enter NEXT Exchange, and from what I’ve heard also PLAAK one.
It seems like the project is moving into Alpha stage - first test are done - Dabek made a first transaction & he presented mining SAFEX - which will be available soon I assume.

About NEXT Exchange, for the first 2 weeks only hodlers of SAFEX will be albe to trade.
If you don’t own one but you want one, you’ll have to wait 2 weeks before you can buy any.