SAFEX will skyrocket



Yeah for sure, I’m no pro, but I’ll help if I can :+1:


I doubt me self about safex. It was my first coin that i bought. it seems good. But there is almost no activity no news the exchenges are delisting it. No release of anything, and the few things that they release have bug (they admit it). In the pub almost nobody has it, none discussions (like icx or others coins). Im starting to think that im crazy to think it could be big. So i need you truly point of view? Will :rocket:? That makes you think that they can deliver what they put in paper?


The main problem they had was a play on words with the way “dividends” are earned, this caused the delisting and a lot of people lost interest.
The safex team has explained how this was wrong and have been working on ways to explain how the exchanges were wrong about safex, I’d say this will be defined in the bluepaper, once the misunderstanding has been rectified there’s almost no reason for it not to be listed again.
They’re a small team with a great vision, great projects take time.
Depending on how much you have in safex, if you can leave it sit for say maybe another 6-12 months, I think you’ll be sitting pretty.
BUT, you need to feel comfortable with your decision, I’ve only got about $600 into safex (85k coins) so I’m happy to ride the storm.


I’ve read somewhere at Safex Forum that Safex Marketplace should be in testing phase in May 2018.

Also, I’ve read at forum or heard from Dan (might be dat bathroom share vid :rofl: ) that in order to create your own “store/market” where people can sell and buy at Safex Marketplace you’ll need 2 Safex coins.

Think deep bout this one.


0.00000529 BTC, price for 1 Sfex at Tradesatoshi.
Well I was happy to buy in range of 80-120 satoshis so I’m satisfied :smiley:


Does anybody know where I can buy SAFEX? Sold after Bittrex delisted it. Want to get back in.


Currently it’s only trading on, though I’m not sure if they’re allowing new user registrations at this moment.


Nice for Safex


yoooo i bought it at 0.025$ :full_moon::full_moon::full_moon:


Anyone knows when chilli blockchain is out?


“Chille” (or safex cash or smth else - name’s not final) should be released in beta in Q2 of 2018 according to the roadmap on their current webpage.


Safex will release their blue paper today and will answer questions about it tomorrow (Jan 15th).
Questions about the paper should be written as comments under the blue paper announcement video.

The blue paper release will come with the new website release:

looking forward to this :smiley:


Thanks for the info!! Exciting times for safex!!


Today safex touched 0.11$ <3

It seems like people are stacking dat shieeet :smiley:


You know I’m staying till 100x :muscle:


$5 per coin hodl. O maybe $10 coin hodl. :wink:


cant get into that exchange damn :slight_smile: Tradesatoshi exchange


Whats exchange? What are you trying to dl?


One question the dividens part was implemented or sill pending because i didnt get any dividends!!!


Still pending until “Rebranded” Blockchain arrives.

Might be it.


Its nice to see them releasing some information. I also know that they were doing a buy back program for those who couldn’t sell their SafeX b/c of the delistings.


The day is almost ending and safex didnt upload the blue paper. Why they cant achive a deadline?!
Sometimed i think its a great proyect but they arent committed