SAFEX will skyrocket



I bought in for 120,000 coins.


Do you guys think SAFEX will go up?


What do you mean skyrocketing? It is around 200-300 sathoshis…


Apparently it got delisted from bittrex and all other exchanges, sold anysways a long time ago for a good btc profit.


Agreed, even at this time right now it is still a big promise only but the idea is awesome… I mean if they succeed with their project, the price could explode very fast.


I’m just gonna hodl, got 85k coins now, I’m not missing the money so I’ll just see where it goes :slight_smile:


Do you know anything about new exchange listings, anytime soon?


it is traded in UK base exchange now


Hi i have 30000 safex. This coin can rise from the dead or should i sell it and cut my losses?
I need an honest opinion.


I also have around 30000. I bought low and I am up $1000.00 and I really only spent maybe 600 bucks. I am keeping it as its not even a lot invested.


Brotha, you don’t need an opinion, you invested to hodl or for short gains?

Read Dan Dabek tweets, Safex news - u might be able to catch out that they’re still updating and informing about their moves.

Read at forums, search for news - be aware what you invest in.
Separate the wheat from the chaff.


Dan and his team are constantly working on Safex, it’s not dead yet :slight_smile:



I would not sell it. If the team accomplishes their vision it has a massive potential to be conservative.


For anyone more interested in Safex I would recommend joining their Discord channel.

Discord is their official channel. This is the latest invite link I found.

Also, following would be useful. (this is not an official channel but the guy is very active in the community and follows up on any news quite quickly)

Dan mentioned in discord that the alpha version of “safex cash” blockchain (aka Chille) is running and they’re testing it.

I’m have been holding this coin since August. Bought in with FOMO at ATH before the wallet release (was just getting into crypto), and as per Peter’s instructions I didn’t sell at a loss and started reading more into the project and became to like the idea of it more and more.


Sunday - "Blue Paper"
I like his approach.


I was just about to post this here…lol
Looking forward to the future of Safex!!!


You have safex? Its nice to see a safex bro! I was thinking that i was the only one in this slow ship!


Yeah man, been holding since July.
Dabek is awesome, they’ve had some silly tech issues, but once it gets rolling again… :rocket:
That’s if silk road is anything to go by :wink:


Can i ask you a question? You seem more experienced in cryptos.