SAFEX will skyrocket



Did the same, bought 1000 SAFEX!


yeah its a high risk high reward for this one however. the only thing that makes me tread with caution and not put to many eggs in this one is there big grandiose vision but a smalll piss weak team. like shittier projects have a better team


still waiting and nothing happens :smiley:


The wallet they released is not working properly , i hope they will will fix it , but it looks like people lost their trust in the devs , 345 sats when writing this… hope it comes back with some good news
What do you guys think?


I’m just holding at this point. If by the end of the year nothing has changed, I will just try to break even probably.


It’s technology, things go wrong almost always. If they finally get it right, it shows they care about making things right, which should restore confidence in people and #ToTheMoon (HODLing 50,000 coins!)


Holding 225,000 of those puppies…
so let’s see where those DEVS take us…


This is their forum , looks familiar :wink:


dropped to 300 satoshis…just grabbed another 50,000 SAFEX


seems like a smart buy , you got in right at the dip , if they deliver it could easily go back to 600 sats , wish i could do the same , but invested all in with various alts.


This is a nice post from SAFEX developer
You can tell they truly care, but things take time to diagnose & debug
I like it as a long term hold!


OMG !!! safex is bleeding right now. i just buy for 301 satoshis. people selling are in pain.



got in @ 550 thru a strong recommendation/tip by Crypto-Gat Spiz (@CryptoGat)
No i did not fomo, i knew about the project, and everything looked good as well…

but alas, didn’t go so well … i was HODLing but it kept dropping and i even let it go my bleed limit thinking it’s gonna moon soon…(broke my rule) … but alas, didnt moon and kept bleeding

so i let it go… it hurts to lose almost 40% but it is what it is. i have since moved my remaining to another coin i’ve always wanted to get into… and now im up 30% on that trade (10% more to recover the safex loss)

i still like the project though so if it still hasn’t mooned ill probably jump back in at 300sats or even less

for all them in pain , SAFEX is a good project IMO and im sure it will have its time… perhaps just stop looking at chart, set your sell order, and just let it be.
always invest what you can afford to lose…


I just got 1192 of them at .00000304 Let’s see what happens…


Hi all,
Reading along here. Hmm, interesting confidence in SAFEX.
Where is everyone’s SELL ORDER set? .00002 ???
Nice Talkin!


that would be like a super moon huh?


i’m in at 100,000 units , guess you’re right @MojoTojo , we will just have to forget about it for a while


well i’d say it’s a good entry… right now $SAFEX is at an absolutely ridiculous bottom. if it goes down i dont think itll go down hard and drop out just like that… i wish im coming in at this point actually… not at my 550 … shesh

@BlackKitty, too early to guarantee $Safex will be a success, as it is too early to discount it as #fail. Specially with an active dev, engaging the community, and coming up w/ updates… it has a long way to go and along the road it will most probably have it’s moon time.

we wont know for sure the targets. Ofcourse I prefer to do it manually for precision, but if i’l be away i usually set 50% SELL ORDER at around 30-40% off my entry … and leave the other half in my control. or if im trying to exit a bad alt that I am in deep, i normally set my SELL ORDER around 5% below my entry point… 10% if im really desperate to get out… again if i’m in deep like my $safex entry at 40% loss. i’d be happy t take a 5% loss at this point lol

but if you got more $$$ to play with, then might as well just HODL and wait for ur gains.

wow… heavy bag … i wish you luck my friend. At the very least, this isn’t a total shitcoin . it’s a good project. so good chance of recovery, just need time.


the reason why $SAFEX has been falling are whale manipulation. look at this crazy sell wall. this can’t be real…


someone is manipulating it to move low i guess…