SAFEX will skyrocket



watching it too ! It’s pretty amazing ! :open_mouth:


to the moon yooo!!!
Soo good to see
The power of THE BITCOIN PUB


Yes!!! Great team work guys! Together we will actually go to the moon!!! If not at least we’llbe rich…


Let’s enjoy the ticket guys!


ı bought 8700, guys should we buy more, I have no idea about the team and the coin could you give some advice


How far do you think we will get?


Should be a correction coming really soon. Anytime you have a severe hockey stick like that you gotta expect the yin to balance out the yang mang.


I bought 387k…holding til the moon!!


are u in SAFEX, Y/N?


I’ll take that as a Yes


Yea I jumped out of Adex @ .00056000 and put it all in safex…good timing cause Adex has been dropping


They have a very small team for what they want to achieve. The CEO, Developer seem to be passionate and serious about their goal, Sadly i don’t see how they will pull out together. They need to be able to pull in merchants for the chili platform to be successful. Really hard for a regular Joe.
I bought 10k a while back just for fun so let’s see how it goes. I do like the idea but it’s a long way to go to actual success.


I was testing the wallet right now!! and i can tell you…i really liked it!!! Compared with some wallets that we see for some coins supravalued right now…i can tell you guis that this coin can beat a dollar or so…bought 10.000 shares lets see if they can get it to a dollar! TO THE MOON!!!


They just dropped 25%, I’ll wait a bit longer. I had bought 10 000 of those shares but sold them again quickly to get into OMG I think it was.


Ive got 78,000 Safex, for the HODL.


I’m not liking how much it went down…HOLDDDD


Holding this despite the few setbacks, think it’s a cracking idea…they remind me of the guys from the Silicon Valley TV series…great idea, sometime comedy execution…but I think they’ll win in the end! HODLing this to the moon (or passing asteroid)


Why when i try to access their website from Coin Market Cap a pop up ask’s for authorization to use my keychain login details?


i had no problem going into their website from coinmarketcap


Right now looks like safex is goin #DownDownDoodleBug